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Why Black Hair Is Just So Beautiful

Before I fully dive into the post, I want to give a little background on my personal experience with my hair that I think other black people have experienced as well. I've talked about this in an old ... READ the POST

My Wash Day Routine

Quarantine has not been good to me when it comes to keeping up with my self care. My eyebrows haven't been waxed in months, I ran out of my skincare products, and I've avoided washing my hair. Well, ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 17: Take Care Of Your Hair! (For Black Hair)

It's the winter (pretty much) and the cold is taking no mercy on black hair. As black people, we always need to make sure our hair is moisturized and well taken care of, but during the winter it's ... READ the POST

My Current Natural Hair Routine + Product Reviews!

Hey everyone, I'm back with another natural hair post. Last week I talked about my journey to loving my natural hair. This week I'm going to give you my basic hair routine for when it's wash day. Like ... READ the POST

My Journey To Loving My Natural Hair

If I'm being honest, I've been natural ever since 6th or 7th grade. I'm 23 now so you'd think that I would've had a lot of time to get used to and love my natural hair right? Well that's where you're ... READ the POST

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