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2024 Yearly Goals Check-In: I Have A LONG Way To Go!

Here we are again at the halfway mark of the year and time is nowhere close to slowing down! It feels like life is moving so quickly that the days pass without realizing it. That's why it's important ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #73: Let’s Have Some Summer Fun!

Dear diary, The summer is here and I want to enjoy it more this year. For the past few years now, I feel as if I haven't been able to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Though the heat gets crazy, ... READ the POST

6 Things I Learned As a Blogger Of Six Years

Today is a special day because we're celebrating six years of The Black Princess Diaries! Though the day has passed, June 8th was the official day that marked my 6th year blogversary. I am not only ... READ the POST

Unlock Your Career Potential Through a Structured Growth Plan

Navigating the demands of the professional world takes more than a determined mindset; it also calls for a well-organized plan for growth and skill development. Not only can a well-devised growth plan ... READ the POST

May 2024 Monthly Update: Ready For The Summer!

June is here, which means the summer is approaching! I'm unsure about anyone else, but I'm ready for summer fun. Summertime can make it a little hard to do work and get things done, but it's also ... READ the POST

5 Ways To Keep Your Creativity Alive As A Creator

It's Creative Beginnings Month, and I shared ways to begin your creativity for those who are secret creators at heart. I also shared why creating is so important. With National Creativity Day coming ... READ the POST

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