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Working As An Introvert

Raise your hand if you’re an introvert like me!

I am a total introvert, so when I started working, the thought of all the personalities I’m going to have to meet and interact with (including co-workers) just kind of made me cringe a bit. This is probably why soon, I need to get a job that doesn’t involve dealing with a rush of people all at once nonstop. I get drained just after hanging with my friends for a long time, especially with some of them being such huge personalities. So imagine how it is dealing with customers for hours. I know my introverts out there know what I’m talking about.

I get so drained just dealing with all of these people and sadly I can’t take a mental break for a second to regroup my energy. Some days I’m able to pull through, but when it’s those long 8 hour days of standing, running around getting orders together, fake laughing at someone trying to be funny, and praying when I see a customer that looks difficult; it gets really hard. I just want to say, I really do appreciate the customers that try to make me laugh because they want to help brighten my day…but sometimes it’s just too much and too extra. I don’t need more human interaction…I need less. It also doesn’t help that when I come home, I have to deal with very interactive grandparents who enjoy asking questions.

Working in customer service is already draining, add on it being in the entertainment industry where people love to go and hang and it’s an overload. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing I get off and it’ll all be over soon….until I work again. It’s almost like a game. You have a big rush of customers, the rush ends, you finally feel like you can breathe, and then the next thing you know someone else is coming up to your register.

For all of my working introverts out there, are there any tips that get you through when you’re just feeling socially drained at work? I’d love some ideas!


  1. I have a 45-minute break each day for lunch and I take it in an empty room. I should be social but I need a break!

  2. Girl I felt this with my soul! Each day is so draining for me. I’m exhausted. Human interaction can be overwhelming and a lot people do not understand that. Unfortunately, God has my purpose tied into working with people. Lol I will make it with a lot of prayer

  3. Thanks,it can be really difficult , working as an introvert can take a lot from you ,cause everyone expects you to be very outspoken like extroverts . But it still makes our job fun

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