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WordPress Vs. Wix: Which Is Best?

Blogging is a bit of a trial and error type of thing. If you’re well into your blogging journey, just think about how often you’ve switched from one site to another. Think about the money you wasted because you realized after that something just wasn’t for you. It can be a lot. There are tons of websites out there to use as your blogging platform, but I think the ones that I see people talk about the most are WordPress and Wix. Two websites going head to head for battle! Well, not really, but still.

I probably went on every website Google suggested to me, but nothing suited me until I met WordPress. I started on WordPress, but I wasn’t completely sold because I had the free account at the time and I am WAY too picky for those sad options I was given. Now, I did make some magic, but I luckily was a Tumblr user prior so I knew how to make a page look good. Regardless, I strayed to find something better…then I found it…Wix! I loved it when I was creating my site. I had so many options and I even made the prettiest site, but I ended up not making the switch because I just couldn’t do without the scheduling option. Yep, one little thing made me not go through with switching. It may have been one thing, but it really does matter.

As new bloggers are filling the community, there are choices to be made as far as what website to use for your blog. Today, I decided to just showcase comparisons between WordPress and Wix for anyone debating between the two.


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  1. Broad functionality
  2. Has main features such as a commenting section
  3. Ability to schedule your posts
  4. A lot more flexible
  5. Better to use for ecommerce
  6. Good for SEO
  1. Plugin needed to create an online store
  2. Not a wide variety of template options for the free or premium plans
  3. A little more complex to use
  4. Expensive plans


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  1. All in one website builder (perfect for beginners)
  2. No coding required
  3. Has ecommerce plan with sale features
  4. Wider range of templates
  5. better security on apps
  6. Also good for SEO
  7. Cheaper plans
  1. Doesn’t have the scheduling feature
  2. No comment section or readers have to take extra steps to comment
  3. Not as many plugin options

There are many more differences, but these are just a few I put. You, of course, can do more research to figure out in the end what’s best for you. There are also plenty of other websites out there as well, so don’t just limit yourself to these two.

What are your thoughts? Which do you think is best?


  1. Hey Deandra, I love these comparisons posts because I’m always wondering if I made the right choice (I went for a wix blog), so thanks for that! I’m still only at the beginning of my blogging journey so I love reading other bloggers posts about blogging.

    I just wanted to tell you, though, that you can absolutely add a comment section to your blog on wix! It took me a while to figure out how, but finally I managed to put one on my page – yay!


    • No problem! I love reading about other blogger’s opinions on things as well. And yay that’s awesome to hear! Thank you for reading and commenting ♥

  2. i really love wp and cant imagine any other blog platform for blogging the way i do. ive been on tumblr, blogspot/blogger, squarespace and NOPE cannot deal with any. wix i have never tried but it seems similar. i like that worpress has its own reader area thing, that’s how im able to get at least one comment lol

    • lol yea I love wordpress. I don’t see myself ever switching over. I looove Tumblr! I still have tumblr accounts lol but it’s not like a different type of blog to me. Like not one you can get too established from and something more just for fun and aesthetics. That’s how I always saw it and took it as. I’ve tried out blogger as well and I can agree..It was a biiig no for me!

  3. This was so interesting to read as a Blogger user! I’m still on it because it’s free, so I only pay for my domain and any other expenses I want to spend money on, but I’ve heard SUCH good things about WordPress! I just know that it can be a big learning curve for un tech-savvy people like me, but I hope I can upgrade one day (and possibly gain a tech-savvy friend to help with it!). I’ve heard mixed things about Wix. My only issue with it is that it usually ends up being not a great reading experience for me when I’m reading a blog on Wix!

    Thank you so much for the pros and cons on each! It was really helpful to read!

    Emily |

    • Listen, the very first time I went self hosted, I felt like a grandma lol. I still have a lot to learn but I think I have the basics so far. Using Tumblr has helped me with anything involving coding I might need to do lol. And yea I can see how you could say that about Wix. I know one day you’ll be able to make the upgrade. ♥

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