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Why You Should Make A Content Calendar

Hello loves! Another Monday is here which means another Motivational Monday post! So, this month, I decided to try making a content calendar. All I’m going to say is that…I should’ve started doing this sooner. Why do I say that? Well, continue reading to see why I’m going to use a content calendar from here on out and why you should use it as well!

But first…

Alright, so first and foremost, I’m going to tell you why you should make a content calendar, but it’s important to know why you might think I’m crazy if you’re someone like me who is a bit (maybe more than a bit) on the lazy side. Making a content calendar can seem like way too much…and you’re right. If you don’t know what a content calendar is, you’re basically planning out all of your content or the entire month. You plan it, create it, and schedule it. I know, I know, a month of content is A LOT, but it’ll be worth it in the end, and there are different ways to go about creating it.

Why make a content calendar

First, although making a content calendar is a lot for the lazy, busy, or procrastinating creators out there, it’s also perfect because the content will already be made. Do you guys know those days where you just don’t feel like posting? We all have them, but sometimes we just have to, especially if it’s been a while. Well, you don’t have to worry about thinking about what you’re going to post or any of that. It will already be set, and if you have it prescheduled, then you really don’t have to do anything at all. How great is that!? It proves the statement of working harder now, so you can relax later.

Second, there are different ways you can set up your content calendar. I would never recommend you to create all the content at once. That is way too much and will burn you out. Instead, do it in little batches. If you want to get it all done or most of it done in one day, then make sure to plan out breaks so that way you’re not tiring yourself out or driving yourself insane. Another way you can go about it is to just make content a week in advance. This just helps in case you feel a little bit too overwhelmed with all the content you have to make. Pick a day or two in the week that you choose to plan out and create the content for that next week coming up. I personally have a hard time right now creating an entire month’s worth of content, so right now this is the route that I chose to go. My goal is to take the time to create content for the entire month though since it does take a lot more work off of you in the end.

Third and finally, it helps you with consistency. Your followers and supporters love and need consistency. It’s how you build trust as well. As I mentioned in the first reason, sometimes you just feel lazy or you’re just too busy and you don’t post as often. This ensures that you’re posting consistently, which in the end will also lead to more supporters. Consistency is key and the content creator is the lock!

Why I use a content calendar

Although I know there are plenty of people who use content calendars, the idea came from Leticia on Instagram. She was talking about making a content calendar and how effective it is and everything on her stories, so I was inspired to give it a try. I mostly use a content calendar because I’m the worst procrastinator ever. I have always been, but I know I won’t always be (speaking this into existence). Making a content calendar helps me because if I have the content planned out and done already, then I won’t have to worry about doing it later. This also frees up my time for other important things (because there’s always something to do). It’s already been beneficial just trying it out this first go. I was so exhausted one day, but I had to make my blog post for the next day. Then it hit me…it was already done! I let out a sigh of relief knowing I had one less big thing to do.

As you can see, content calendars are very helpful. Everyone has their own way of making content, whether in bulk or not. No way is wrong or right. If you feel a content calendar will be a lot of help, then I suggest you try it out! If you do then I’d love to know if it helped you.

Do you like to use content calendars? What is your opinion on them?


  1. i heard good things about them! I want to buy an erasable board to make my content calendar on that but once i get my own place since i dont wanna carry so much when i move..
    right now my only content calendar is the wordpress scheduler lol

    • lol that’s understandable. I use notion! It’s a website and there’s an app if you want to check it out until you do move. You can do a lot of other stuff on there as well.

    • It’s so helpful and there are so many apps you can use. Some people even like to make their own with Excel. I use the app/website Notion. It has multiple uses so it’s been super helpful being able to do everything at once in one app. I hope it helps you a ton if you decide to start using one and thanks for reading and commenting! ♥

  2. This is amazingly correct. You are not crazy for scheduling your content at all. It’s a good strategy as I just found out that I’m becoming a lazy creator these days. Tnx

    • I’m still struggling with my lazy days. It’s an ongoing battle, but hopefully a content calendar can help you like it is slowly helping me. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I don’t know how I’d manage my blog without planning the posts. I’m such a nerd that I use an Excel spreadsheet for it. I’m also a procrastinator, so knowing what I’ll have to write about makes it a little bit easier to start writing.

    All the best all the way from South Africa, Michelle (

    • Omg same with me about being a procrastinator! Before, I’d sit and think about what I’m going to write about which took forever, and then I’d put it off. Sometimes I didn’t end up writing a post until the morning of the day it was supposed to go up. That was so bad. It’s so cool to see where people are from that are reading my posts! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment ♥

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