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Why Social Media Annoys Me

I know I can’t be the only one who gets annoyed by social media. It’s pretty easy to get annoyed by it when you’re on it so often trying to make a career out of something that’s based on it. Below I’m going to give a few of my reasons exactly why social media tends to annoy me pretty often. Maybe you guys will read this and see some points you resonate with yourself.


Algorithm. This might be one of the most annoying things ever, so I had to put it first. If you’re on Instagram, then you know of the dreaded algorithm issue that lies there. Instead of just showing posts in the proper order of when people posted, I believe they show posts in order of either most popular or what they think you’d prefer to see. Thanks Instagram, but I didn’t ask for that. It makes it a bit difficult for bloggers and social influencers to get traction on their photos, especially you’re not the most popular just yet. And…well…it’s just plain annoying. When I catch up on posts, I want them to be in order. I prefer not to jump everywhere, but that’s just me.

It’s getting a little pricey. Another thing that’s annoying is how you almost have to pay nowadays to get more people to see your posts. If you’re not too familiar with social media, there are options where you can pay to have your posts advertised or promoted. This is on a decent amount of websites. Do you have to pay for people to see your posts? Not at all, but you might not be getting the full attraction that you want. This is just a way for sites and apps to get money out of us in my opinion and it’s very annoying to say the least.

Trolls galore. There are trolls everywhere…and I’m not talking about the cute kind. I’m talking about the mean kind that has no life other than to be a troll. I’m one of the lucky ones that have rarely experienced a troll, but I see it all the time under celebrity posts or even just people with a big following. Half the time the things they say don’t make sense. I know what’s going on under someone else’s comment section has nothing to do with me, but when I look in the comments under a post that’s not even controversial or anything and there’s just random mean or crazy comments, it makes no sense. People assume that because someone has a huge following, they don’t see the comments, but they do.

Unrealistic at times. Or maybe most of the time. It’s no question that social media is filled with unreal representations. Whether it’s fake happiness, looking rich when you’re broke, making your waist look snatched and your makeup look flawless…a lot of it tends to be fake. I’m personally not even knocking anyone who chooses to do major edits and just show the good stuff most of the time. That’s your choice. Even I’m trying to look for an app sometimes to help my makeup when it’s not looking the best in my photos. However, it’s when you’re lying about these things that make it bad. There are so many “perfect” people on social media and when someone sees these things, then they assume that’s the real and their reality isn’t sh*t compared to what they see. Well, the reality you see on social media isn’t real either but how is someone supposed to know that? Not only is social media unrealistic, but it’s also filled with lies. Don’t believe everything you see.

Nothing is perfect, and the world that is social media for sure is included. What’s something about social media that annoys you?


  1. Oh, those first two…

    I follow a lot of friends. You know, people I actually care about. Instagram has decided that I do not actually want to see what they are up to. Fie, Instagram, fie! You are wrong!

    As for paying, one of my friends noticed that she pretty much stopped getting traffic to her business site unless she pays for it.

    Such rubbish. It really bothers me that the “connection” aspect of social media and the internet in general is being lost because of greedy entities.

    • That’s terrible! It seems like the real goal here is to get us to stop using their apps because that’s where they’re headed at this point. And yes, they’re all greedy for money as if they don’t get enough.

  2. Yes, I can totally relate to these points! These days, I don’t actually use social media much if not at all. Honestly, I get the same traffic when I don’t use social media and it makes my life easier not having to post so often. When I took a break from IG, I DM’d some people before leaving. Have they contacted me outside of social media? Nope.

    Social media makes me anxious. I often find triggering content from people I know. Stuff that makes me jealous, frustrated and even angry. One particular post on IG back in March from someone I know ended up costing me an entire semester due to major anxiety and depression. Tbh, I think I’m a more sane person without social media.

  3. Yes, exactly!! It’s amazing as bloggers how much we rely on social media, but sometimes social media is just SO overwhelming! I’m lucky that I haven’t really dealt with trolls in my blogging career (except for this really long blog post where someone critiqued my opinion on something and then called me “finicky.” I didn’t delete it because I found it too amusing and wanted to keep it for prosperity’s sake), but I think it’s horrible how some bloggers and influencers have to deal with all that negativity. And you’re right about the algorithms and the pricing. I try to spend as little money as I can on blogging at the moment, so maybe that means I’m not as successful right now because my things aren’t being “seen.” So ridiculous!

    This was such a good post! You hit the nail on the head on everything!!

    Emily |

    • Is blogging money? of course. You have to spend money to make it, but I also believe that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to be highly successful with your blog. I have a low wage job where I only make 7.40/ hour right now. I can’t afford to spend a lot of money because sites want to be money hungry. But I know I’m not going to let that determine my success. We got this!

  4. I agree! It especially bothers me the thing with algorithms, why would you guess what I want to see instead of just showing me everything?
    Another thing that you didn’t mention and that I think is what bothers me the most, is ads. There used to be a time where the internet was the only place free of ads, and now every major social platform has them! It’s anoying, especially when they show me stuff I don’t even care about, just because they are popular in mu country.
    I loved your blog, keep up with the good work!
    cata |

  5. I definitely have a cyclical love-hate relationship with social media and find myself thinking if it makes any sense for me to be using it, etc. I enjoy it but then, as you say, prices or algorithms, etc get in the way just when I settle into using it and getting something out of it. Fab post!

  6. I love social at times but if I spend too much time on it I start getting annoyed. There is so much self-serving junk and BS, or people (mostly my family members) trying to push their irrelevant-to-me agendas down my throat It makes me want to go into hibernation…not just from social media but from people in general.

    As you might notice, I’m in one of those phases where it’s gotten on my last nerve for the moment! But when I love it, it’s because it helps me stay connected to my friends that are far away.

  7. The follow/unfollow game. While there may, at times, be legitimate reasons for needing to unfollow someone, I don’t get the following just to up your numbers. Of those people are getting tricked into following you, they aren’t promoting your content.

  8. I am annoyed by the isolation that social media promotes. I am still on it a great deal, mostly for business and non-profit, but I have stopped giving folks a window into my personal life. The result? Family and friends actually call to see what I’ve been up to. Magic! 🦄

  9. Great article. My friend is a musician. When she posts recently, she loses followers. The algorithm is a mind-fuck. I 110% understand the unrealistic expectations part. As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, Instagram can be triggering for me. It’s too easy to compare your life to someone else’s. I don’t blame IG for that though. It’s more so learning to manage my comparison issues when on social media. Also people are starting to look the same. The same thirst traps, the same poses, the same filters, the same “snatched” body portions. Women are starting to look like dolls. And though there are people who promote positivity, there are people who claim they are promoting positivity but it seems like self-righteousness. It’s like competing for attention, followers, recognition, validation and acceptance we may not be giving ourselves. To me, I wonder, “What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to monetize your brand?” And in the grand scheme of things, what will people do when Instagram disappears 20-plus years from now?

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