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Why I Don’t Pay Attention To The Statistics.

A part of blogging and being a blogger is the statistics. A lot of times bloggers are focused on getting their followers up on their social medias, getting their likes up, etc and I mean for a good reason. The more people look at your stuff, the more your blog and social media accounts spread which means more recognition.

This is all really great and I would love to get more recognition as well just like any other blogger, but I don’t exactly focus on the stats like most bloggers might or make certain goals around those stats. Let me tell you why.

I do a lot of my promoting for my blog on twitter. That’s where I communicate with other bloggers. I’ve seen plenty of bloggers make tweets such as “Help me get to my goal of (insert number here) by (insert time frame here)”. And then I’ve seen some upset because they don’t get to their goal, which is very upsetting. That’s one reason why I don’t pay much attention to the stats. If I  don’t make it to my goal, I know how hard I’m going to be on myself. This in turn will make blogging not seem as fun (speaking for myself not others).

Bloggers can also tend to get wrapped up in the stats a little too much. Doing that can sometimes make it seem like a job almost and it’s not as fun. I do want to become successful just as many others do, but I also treat blogging as something I just do. I love it with all my heart and honestly, I’m just having fun giving advice as well as making different fun posts. I feel so free when blogging, and yea I do notice what doesn’t get as many likes just from my notifications and I feel a certain way sometimes. But at the same time, it doesn’t deter me from blogging. I guess at the end of the day, I rather get wrapped up in making sure people that do read my blog are able to feel something or relate than getting the highest number of readers(not saying all other bloggers are like that, I’m just speaking for myself).

At the end of the day, whether you pay attention to the stats or not, I wish myself and all my blogger companions much success.


    • It definitely does come with time. Maybe you should try not watching your stats as often. Just focus on the content and who knows, the next time you do check your stats you may be in shock at your numbers. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥


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