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What To Do For Your 24th Birthday

My birthday is getting closer and closer! I’ll be turning 24 and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do for your 24th..or if you should even do anything at all. Usually, your 25th birthday is the bigger milestone so people may overlook their 24th birthday. I like to do things on my birthday no matter what age and if you’re like me, but stumped on what you want to do, then you’re at the right place. So, I’ve googled suggestions, but there were none that I personally liked so I’m just going to give a few ideas of my own.

Go Out To Eat


A classic is going out to eat with friends and family. This is part of what I’ll be doing for my birthday. I’m going to go out to eat with my friends and then we’ll be going back to my hotel and having some fun.

Go To A Club Or Bar

go to bar

Not everyone is a club or bar person, but if you are, then this is a good option for you. I know personally for me, I love going to a good bar on my birthday. It’s just being free and dancing and having fun and (hopefully free) drinks!

Go On A Vacation


Maybe you can go on a vacation. It can be a solo vacay or you can take others with you. Everyone needs a little vacation every once in a while…why not for your birthday?

Do A Birthday Challenge


I saw something online about 24 things to do in 24hours. You can make a list and on your birthday try and get all of those things done in 24hours. It doesn’t just have to be this challenge. You can google some fun challenges for your 24th birthday and try them out!

Plan For Your 25th


If you’re someone that just rather not do anything on your 24th and just chill at home, then something you can do is make a plan for your next birthday. Some birthdays take a year in advance of planning and if you think you might want to do something big for next year, then planning ahead can be something you do since you’re not going out.

Have A Stay-cation


Lastly, one of the things I love to do is have a staycation. I like to get a hotel and just chill for a whole weekend. You can go out and pamper yourself or whatever you want to do. It’s your staycation…enjoy it!

I hope you all enjoyed these suggestions and if your birthday is coming up…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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