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What I’m Grateful For As A Person Of Color

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, and as I’ve grown older I’m learning more and more the real truth about this day. Just as the truth about Thanksgiving day isn’t a pretty picture, neither is living in America as a person of color. Despite what we all go through, there are multiple things to be grateful for.

I’m grateful for the togetherness that people of color have. I can’t talk about anyone else, but as a black woman, I see a lot of my people come together during the hard times we endure. We go through so many adversities but despite it all, we lift each other up. Before I continue, I know that there are still separations as well. There’s different races/ethnicities that do go against each other in their own group and outside of their group as well with other races/ethnicities that are different from their own.Β  Overall, there is a strong community and for that, I’m so grateful.

This goes hand in hand with the togetherness factor, but I’m grateful for the support that people of color bring each other. There are so many people of color who are talented that either doesn’t get recognized at all or don’t get the amount of recognition they deserve simply because of the color of their skin. Just being on the internet, I see the lack of recognition, but I also see the equal support to combat that lack of recognition. Whether it’s a business made by a person of color in their own home or an actor/actress of color, I’m always seeing people come together to support. That is something I will not only continue to do myself but appreciate that about the wide, diverse community.

There are so many more things to be grateful about as a person of color, but these are just two things I wanted to pinpoint. This Thanksgiving, if you’re a non-person of color, try to think of others such as the Native Americans and other people of color. If you’re a person of color, remember to be thankful that during all these hard times, we have a strong community to surround and support each other.

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