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Valentine’s Day Is Tomorrow….So What??

Happy early Valentine’s Day!

A little confused I said that because you saw my title? Believe it or not, I’m not actually a vday grouch. I think the aesthetic of Valentine’s day is so cute. I mean I do love the idea. I always looked forward to my mom giving me a little basket when I was a kid or having special decorations and treats at school. Anyone else had those candygrams at school and you were hoping to be the glen coco of your class? I was sadly not…sigh.

Anywho, as much as I love the colors and the idea of Valentine’s day, sometimes you have to think…is it really as special as people make it out to be? Other than my mom, I had one Valentine my entire life thus far (who also lasted only one Valentine’s day I might add) and on that day we did what couples usually do. So, we hung out, exchanged gifts, etc.  Sometimes you have to think…couldn’t this have been done on any day? Can’t you can go on a special trip, propose, give gifts, have sex with roses on the bed, etc anyday? The answer is and always will be….yes. If that’s the case, then what makes Valentine’s day so extra special?

Maybe it’s just the atmosphere of it all. I can understand that completely, but don’t forget that there are 364 other days as well to spoil each other. Some may say Vday is overrated. When I was younger, I would say those people are crazy, but now I can understand why. Don’t get me wrong, I still get sucked into the thought of wishing I had a valentine. I mean I can’t help it. For many years, my mind has been sucked into the thought of this consumerism filled holiday. I will admit also though, that despite my last post about self pleasuring, as a single person it would be nice to just have someone for that one day say to you “You don’t have to take your wallet out today.” Some may not agree, but I know I have some people that are with me.

At the end of the day, tomorrow is Valentine’s day…yes, but don’t let one day dictate you doing something special for your significant other. I mean, if it’s expected, then is it really special?

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s day?? Let me know in the comments!


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