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To Work During Summer Or Chill?

Ah yes, the debate of whether to spend your summer laboring to make that cash or to spend it chilling out, maxing, and relaxin all cool (where’s my fresh prince lovers at??). If you’re fresh out of college or been out of college for a while, then you’re probably like “what’s a summer?” which is totally understandable. Eventually, summer breaks stop being breaks and you’re working just like any other time of the year. This post may not necessarily be for you…but I mean please still feel free to read.

If you’re still in school…either high school or even college…then maybe you’re struggling to decide to give your summer away to “the man”. I’m not going to lie, when I was in college I was very conflicted myself. I never worked while in college, but I did have times where I felt like I should’ve been due to societal peer pressure. I’m going to sound old as hell when I say this, but times are definitely different than when I was younger. Granted, it’s not like It’s been a decade since I’ve been out of high school. Having a job in high school during summer wasn’t uncommon, but now it almost seems like a requirement. There are teens that are not only working during summer but also during the school year as well.

I don’t blame them. Each year things get more and more expensive, and teens these days are even more high maintenance (there I go sounding like a 50-year-old again). The question is…should one chill or work during summer? Personally, I’m all about people making their own choices as long as it’s not hurting others or themselves so you should do what you want. Whether in high school, college, or even if you’re out of school and only working (though that may be a little more tricky). If you’re in high school, my opinion is that you should enjoy your summers while you can. I completely understand working and making money, but one day you’re going to wish you had those free summers back (unless you just really enjoy working). If you’re in college then typically it’s the other way around and you may not be working while in school but working during summer(depending). But, if you’re able to take a summer break then I say go for it! If you can still enjoy your summer then why wouldn’t you? For those out of school and strictly working, it may be a little harder, especially if you’re paying bills and everything. Who says you still can’t enjoy summer though? You can still take a little time off and enjoy a vacay for a little bit. Being an adult doesn’t have to suck 100% all of the time.

Regardless of whether you choose to work or chill during the summer, as long as you’re making a choice that leaves you happy with no regrets is all that matters.

Are you on team work during summer or team chill?


  1. I have worked all through high school and college. In some ways I hate that I did it because I have missed out on some things but in the same sense I’m so much of an introvert that I probably would have cancelled on friends anyways to lay in the bed. I would encourage people to chill but if they want to work then hey that’s good too! I did it and I feel like it has taught me many things about myself and life.

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