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Tips For New College Students

School is back in session! For the seasoned College goers, you guys might already know some of these tips, but the college newbies might be lost and only have tips from things they’ve seen on TV. If you’re into your freshman year of college, then I hope these tips will help you. Please note that these are tips from what I’ve learned being in college…whether I learned because I practiced them…or because I didn’t.

1.Keep your syllabus on hand

I know it may not seem important and it’s just a piece of paper, but that piece of paper has your entire semester on it…LITERALLY. It has all your dates on it and those dates are very important. Try to hole punch it and put it in your binder or keep it in the front of your binder if it has a slot in the front.

1.Keep your syllabus on hand (1).png

For some people, a planner may not be necessary. I know for me, I didn’t always have a planner but I bought one because I wanted to be productive and everything but I never really used it. However, if you have a lot on your plate and are taking 15+ hours, it could be very helpful. Don’t think you have it all in your mind because one day you’ll think you’re fine and then you have something like homework or extra credit you could’ve done that you missed.

1.Keep your syllabus on hand (2)

It is so important to try and get your books early if you can. I know sometimes books aren’t needed, but if you know it’s a hard class, then get the book. Start early on reading. A lot of professors nowadays put their syllabus up before school starts so you know what’s going down. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT. Look at what you’ll be going over and get a head start.

1.Keep your syllabus on hand (3)

Listen, not a lot of professors are going to give extra credit; put up their slideshows ahead of time; always push for you to come see them for help, so don’t take a good professor for advantage. Use what you’re given because at the end of the semester when you’re struggling, you’re going to wish you did.

1.Keep your syllabus on hand (4)

If you think making friends isn’t important in college, I won’t lie, it kind of is. Your work is the most important, but when school is driving you insane, it’s the friends you make that can keep you sane. Not only that, but making friends in your class is important for studying. If you’re someone that studies better in groups, then you all can get together to go over the material.

1.Keep your syllabus on hand (5).png

Speaking of’s so important that you study. That’s something that I really struggled with. I’m not the best at studying, but you have to study. It’s really easy to just think that you don’t need to study until a quiz or exam is coming, but that’s not true. When you think you have nothing to do. There’s always something to do or study. even if it’s just for an hour. That’s what keeps you ahead and not behind.

1.Keep your syllabus on hand (6)

As important as it is to study hard, it’s equally important to take a break. Go have fun…whatever that looks like to you. College is hard work, but you can also have fun in the process.

1.Keep your syllabus on hand (7)

Lastly, realize that everyone’s college experience is different and you can’t compare your experience to someone else’s. I know that’s what
I did sometimes. It can be really easy to do when it looks like someone’s having more fun than you, but don’t stress it and just take your experience one day at a time.

I hope these tips are able to help you guys and I hope everyone has a great semester!


  1. For sure the planner! That has helped me out multiple times in my school journey through the years lol

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