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The Importance Of Self Discovery

I just want to talk real quick about self discovery. It’s something that’s important because I think finding or discovering yourself can help you get through life. Self discovery can help you answer questions like “what’s my favorite meal?” “What do I want to be in life?” “What’s my sexual orientation?” “Are these the type of people that fit my vibe?” I feel like self discovery is needed to survive just like we need water and food. The only difference is…it takes a lot of trial and error to get there.

For it to be so important, it can take years before you can fully discover yourself. And even then, we change everyday so there’s always something new to discover. In order to even begin though, you have to experiment. Sometimes it’s little things like trying a food just to find out it’s added to your “no thank you” list. Sometimes it’s bigger things. At the end of the day, you need that room to be yourself…in order to find out who “yourself” really is.

I bring this up because for a long time I’ve felt like I haven’t been able to be myself. I’m sure I’ve touched on it a bit in one of my past posts as well. Right now I’m living in a household that I have to be careful around. This is because part of who I am or what I like to do(for the moment) isn’t the most accepted when it comes to older Christians especially.

I just like to have fun, be free, blast hiphop, etc but most of my time I’m doing the opposite when I’m in the house. I feel trapped and confined in a box, and all I want to do is be free and find out who I really am to the fullest. And like I said, we’re always changing, but I want to know who I am in the moment.

I pray one day I’m able to really see who I am, because then I can show you all. Remember to take the path to self discovery, even if you have to go through hurdles to get there.


  1. You’re right. I know that feeling of being trapped in a confined box for sure. I have had a little freedom where I was able to experience a good bit of life but I have not been able to fully immerse myself into discovering who I am. It is not an easy process and it surely isn’t something that will happen overnight. I do hope that soon you are able to go through the journey to be who you are and not having to old back because of your surroundings. Much Love!

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