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The Importance Of Juneteenth.

Happy Juneteenth everyone! For those of you unaware of what Juneteenth is, it is the celebration of the abolition of slavery, which happened on June 19th, 1865. Knowing this fact alone, there shouldn’t be a question about why it’s important. For years the ancestors of Blacks/ African Americans have been sold and enslaved but this very day changed it all.

Because of this day, we don’t have to know what it’s like to pick cotton or be sold to the highest bidder being torn away from our families. And yes, I’m aware of some things going on in the world that may state differently about us being free which is disheartening. But, today is the day we celebrate not having to worry about whether or not mass’ah is going to get us for doing this or doing that. We’re not controlled by whips and chains. Our ancestors endured much more than what history books can teach us.  Although I’m proud everyday to be Black, I’m extremely proud to be black today and can celebrate a day that ones before me did not make it to see happen. So happy Juneteenth my fellow black people….stay black and beautiful!

– BPD ♥

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