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The Corona Virus: Why I’m Not Too Worried About It

I’m sure you all know about the latest virus going out now. I think of viruses as like the latest craze that comes around every couple of years because that’s how it pretty much happens. Maybe it’s been out but it hasn’t become too big or spread too bad until a year or so later, but either way, it becomes the main talk. This year we have the Corona Virus and everyone is freaking out, but within well means. This virus HAS killed some people, which is devastating.

So why am I not too worried about it?

I feel like a majority of millennials aren’t too worried about the virus. We’ve been through so many other viruses it’s almost like we’re immune. Clearly we’re not and we’re aware of that, but that’s why we take what should be normal precautions, such as..idk…washing your hands? I already practice good hygiene, which is why I’m not too worried about it. It’s insane how people are buying out hand sanitizer and everything, but soap is still in stores and thriving on the shelves??

I’m also not too surprised that something like this spreads. I’ve seen so many people (and I mean customers from my job alone) that just sneeze in their hands, in the air, etc and it’s insane! If you know me in person and see me, then you know I’m already a little “eh” about seeing someone sneeze in the air or near me…and this is pre-virus. I just don’t understand how anyone can not properly cover their mouths or wash their hands…it’s insane.

I’ve also seen people (my grandparents included) practically let this virus take over their lives. No one is going on trips anymore or anything…of course except the millennials that don’t care. I do think you should take precautions and be careful where you go and everything, but don’t let it stop you from living your life. The flu is much worse and no matter whether there’s a virus outbreak at the time or not, practicing good hygiene and sterilizing is always important regardless.

What’s your opinion on the virus? Are you someone who’s more on the worried side or not too much? Let’s discuss!


  1. Hey dear,
    As someone living in Europe, I find it worrying that people are still referring to it as just a flu. I send this to you in love. It’s not just a flu at all, it’s 10x deadlier. I believed this to begin with too. 2 weeks ago there were 34 deaths in Italy today there’s been over 1600 with over 250 dying in the last 24 hours. The whole nation is in lockdown. People being irresponsible and not caring is what is spreading the disease. Although mortality is lower amongst younger people, older family members or people with pre existing medical conditions may not fair as well. <3

    • Hi! I hope I wasn’t sounding insensitive, Of course anything that can kill is serious, and people at high risk will need extra care and precaution, but I do think that the hysteria going around is a bit much and the buying out of products that might not even be needed for them but needed for other people is as well. I just think everyone should be practicing good hygiene, cleanliness, and proper sneezing and coughing techniques regardless and not just because of a virus. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. These are really interesting thoughts about the virus! I’m with you with people who just sneeze wherever without covering their mouths! Um, ew? And also: come on! lol.

    I have mixed feelings about the virus. It IS very scary to imagine (my dad is a high risk person, since he’s on immunosuppressants), but I think people are going rampant right now with preparing for self quarantine- even though they haven’t been exposed yet! I just got back from Target and EVERYONE was buying toilet paper and bulk water. I understand wanting to be prepared, but I think you can be over-prepared and end up worrying yourself into a state. Plus, also buying all the toilet paper so no one else can get any! How is THAT fair?? I was pleased to see that the Target employees were disinfecting pretty much everything, so at least they’re taking precautions. I think just like you said, as long as practice good self hygiene, take precautions, and so on, it’ll be okay. Let’s just all take it one step at a time, right?? My therapist says there’s no need to worry about something that hasn’t happened to you yet. So I’m taking that to heart right now with the virus!

    • Exactly! I’m glad you get where I’m coming from. And I’ve literally seen customers sneeze straight into their hands or right in the air. It’s so disgusting! I hope your dad is going to be ok and take extra safety precautions! Thanks for reading ♥

  3. My school shut down today. I’m happy but also upset at the same time – a mix of emotions. There’s no lab on Monday, no more clinical rotations, and the rest of the semester will be given to us online…somehow. I don’t know what’s going on and everyone is panicking. Yes, people are being hysterical and yes, I think they are overacting right now. However, the virus is going to get worse before it gets better, and the media/news certainly isn’t helping.

    Did they tell us that the coronavirus kills mostly people with severely compromised immune systems and those who are elderly? No. Did they tell us that we have a 1-2% chance of dying from corona virus is we do catch it? No. Did they tell us that more people die from diabetes per year compared to COVID-19? No.

    • It’s crazy how all of this is happening and even worse that we’re not fully getting informed about it. I feel like different information is going around about it and that’s not good. Either its information that’s causing people to worry a whole lot more than it should or it’s info that might have people who should take extra precautions more than usual feel like they’re fine. I just can’t wait for it all to calm down a bit.

      • Yeah, me too! I need some normality in my life. This weekend has been nothing but chaos and confusion. They might have a vaccine ready in two weeks to start testing on ppl but I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore. I check the coronavirus world stats on a daily basis. I need to keep reminding myself to stop reading news articles because it’s so easy to get sucked into a rabbit hole and lose track of time…and sanity.

        • yea, I would give myself a little break if I were you love. Get your mind off of it a bit and just live for a little as best as you can. Enjoy the fresh air. Go for coffee, or just do something fun that you like to do if you can. Don’t let all this craziness consume you.

          • If it was warmer I would leave the house. It’s cold and miserable outside today. This week I plan on going to campus as long as their library stays open. Honestly idk how much longer it will stay open given our situation. There’s tons of walking trails and steps to get just from walking around campus (including indoor tunnels) so I plan on getting some exercise this week. I lost my Fitbit and need to find it to figure out how many steps/best path to take to get adequate exercise. Staying cooped up inside all day isn’t healthy and to an extent, it’s suffocating.

          • I’m hoping things get better soon because being stuck inside for weeks will definitely make you go mad.

          • it really is. I’m just hoping those who are in quarantine and those who are about to be in it will be able to make it through. We aren’t on it where I am, but people are buying everything as if we are smh.

  4. I’m not too worried about the virus because I’m not at risk but I am worried for those who are. It didn’t hit me how crazy everyone is going until I got off work on Friday. The stores are nearly empty and they shut down, canceled, and postponed a lot of stuff. It’s having a major impact on my business and I’m hoping it doesn’t impact my full-time job. Stay safe and healthy out there.

    • yea it’s really crazy. So far we haven’t had any cases in my specific city, but there are so many in the state. I was supposed to go to a podcasting masterclass at the end of the month that I was so excited for and it was canceled. You stay safe as well!

  5. I definitely agree with the whole virus taken over the lives of the older generation, as my parents watch the news 24/7 that is all they have been consumed with over the past couple of weeks that this corona virus outbreak started ! I on the otherhand am just trying to enjoy my life ha ha !

    • Same! I just want to enjoy my life, but I live with my grandparents and I can’t even open my eyes in the morning without that being the first thing I’m hearing. It’s driving me mad lol

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