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The Birthday Tag + Giveaway Announcement: 5DOD

I can’t believe we’re already on day 4 of 5 days of Deandra! Tomorrow is the last day and it’s certainly bittersweet.

I’m all about a good tag, so you know I had to add a birthday tag into the mix! I went to Google, and I found this tag from youtubetagsxx on Tumblr. It’s filled with 14 fun birthday related questions that I think will be fun to answer and that you guys will enjoy reading my answers to! Maybe you’ll decide that you want to answer these questions for your birthday!

1. When is your birthday?

My birthday is January 30th. It’s in two days and I don’t know if I’m prepared at all!

2. How old are you turning? (Or if your birthday recently passed, how old did you turn?)

I’m turning 26 years old (cries).

3. What was your favorite present that you’ve ever received?

I know this is sad to say, but I really don’t remember lol. I’ve received some great gifts, I know that, but I can’t think of my favorite present at this moment. I also might mix up my birthday with something I might’ve gotten for Christmas since they’re kind of back to back.

4. Are you/did you have a party this year? If so, what are you doing?

It’s not a party, well not a big one, but I’m doing what I’ve actually been doing the past few years. I’m doing a staycation in a hotel, and then my very small group of friends (less than 10) are coming over the night of my birthday. I joke and say that these past few years of having such simplistic (but super fun) birthday plans have prepared me for this moment. There’s no disappointment that I can’t do anything big or extravagant because this is what I’m used to doing.

5. How do you usually celebrate your birthday?

I pretty much answered that in the previous question. I spend it with my friends in a hotel room. Sometimes we might go out to a club or out to eat, but we usually end up together in my room having fun and dancing to music.

6. What was the most memorable birthday that you had?

I have two, so I’ll list two. The first one is from my childhood and that’s when I was given a surprise party. It was my first ever surprise party, and I was definitely surprised! It’s funny because when the blindfold was taken off of my eyes, my head was positioned where I couldn’t even see the people that were literally right on the side of me and I was looking at I think one of those costume animals. I was so confused! Then, my mom told me to turn my head and I was shocked!

The second one is from adulthood and it was my 21st birthday. I can’t say I remember all of it(clearly I had a good time), but things I do remember that happened were so fun and I wouldn’t have done it any other way!

7. If you had an unlimited amount of money what would you do for your birthday?

If I had an unlimited amount of money, I would probably attempt to go out of the US. I say attempt because I’m actually too afraid to fly, so it would depend on if I chicken out or not. I would bring my friends and family members, and we would go off! I want to visit somewhere warm for sure with a beach. I think one place I would love to go to is the Maldives! I’ve seen a lot of YouTubers visit there and it seems so amazing and nice.

8. What’s your birthday wish list?

You can read my birthday wish list here. It’s not the average list, but it’s fun!

9. If you only had one birthday left, what would you do for your birthday?

I pray I don’t, but if I did, I would spend it with my family and friends. I haven’t spend a birthday with my family in a few years (I know that’s sad), so I would definitely want everyone together dancing and having fun.

10. Show a picture from your birthday, preferably an embarrassing one.

I don’t have an embarrassing one, but here’s a throwback from 2017. I’m pretty sure I was getting ready to either go out to a bar, out to eat, or both.

11. Do you have any birthday traditions? 

Not really, although I do love to make sure I have a birthday cake every birthday. It’s not a tradition, but It just doesn’t feel like a birthday without the cake. Plus, I love cake!

12. What’s your favorite part about your birthday?

My favorite part about it is surprisingly also what gives me anxiety sometimes. This may sound a certain way, but I love that it’s a day where I don’t have to be in the background or hidden in the crowd. For most of my life, I’ve been talked over, ignored, etc. I also kind of “stick with the crowd” so there’s not too much attention on me, which stems from my years of being bullied. It’s just nice there’s a day that I don’t mind it and neither does anyone else. Granted, sticking in the crowd is slowly changing since I’ve started blogging, so that won’t really add to my favorite parts about my birthday anymore since I’m going to stand out no matter what day it is!

The anxiety part is the fact that I can’t make decisions to save my life and having to do so really activates it. What makes it worse is being told “it’s your birthday, so do what you want!” when asking for opinions. I clearly want/need a little feedback/help if I’m asking! Another thing that’s my favorite part about my birthday, though, is just being able to have fun and enjoy good times with my friends.

13. What’s one thing that changed a lot since your last birthday?

I feel like a lot has changed! Besides going through this pandemic, I no longer work at a place that made me feel anxious and depressed, I’ve advanced my blog little by little, I’m getting better with saving money…there’s so much. I know this question only said one thing, so I guess overall I can say…me…I changed a lot.

14. Have you ever been thrown a surprise party or have you ever thrown one for someone?

I stated this in one of the previous questions, but yes, when I was a child. I’m not sure if adults do surprise parties often, but I would love one as an adult. I would love for someone to take me on a surprise trip somewhere. I’m not sure how they would make it happen, but if any of my friends are reading this…hint, hint.

These questions were so fun to answer! Is there anything I answered that had you thinking “same”? If so, let me know, and let’s chat about it in the comments!


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