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Thank You Native Americans.

During Thanksgiving, it’s typically a tradition in plenty of households to sit around the table and give thanks. Some may say it’s like a replica of the Pilgrims and Indians joining together. I’m sure you’ve seen the picture or many pictures as a representation of the watered-down version of the first Thanksgiving. If not, then you should Google it as well as Google what really happened in case you aren’t 100% aware.

Before the pilgrims came in and colonized the land, the Native Americans discovered and took care of it. People give thanks on Thanksgiving, but I bet they don’t give thanks to the Native Americans.

So with that, I’d like to say:

Thank you. Thank you to the past, present and future generations. You’ve had to fight for your land back then, and you’ve still had to fight today. Places that are sacred to you are often just seen as tourist lands and great spots for photo ops. Despite everything that you’ve gone through as a people, thank you for still being kind-hearted. You may often not get the respect you deserve, and I hope one day that will change. I hope one day this world will change. Thanksgiving day should be changed to Indigenous People’s Day. A day to celebrate and thank you…even though you deserve more.

Again, thank you.


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