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Insecurity…Is It Real?

The answer is yes. The end. But seriously, there are people in the world that think insecurity is just a figment of the imagination. In some instances they're right...but it's a lot more than that. ... READ the POST

How To Get Through Group Meetings In College

Last week I gave you guys some tips on how to get through group projects that you can read here. Today, I'm going to give a few tips on how to get through the essential meetings you need in order to ... READ the POST

How To Get Through Group Projects

If you've ever been in school, then you know all about one of the most dreading parts of it. Group Projects. I understand the whole concept teachers/professors try to convey with having group ... READ the POST

So You Need A Job: The Struggles With Job Searching

We all have to join the workforce sooner or later. Some of us have been working since we were 15 or 16, maybe even a little earlier than that. Some have gotten a later start like 18 years old or ... READ the POST

How It Feels To Be A New Blogger + Tips I’m Learning

I started my blog just a little bit over a month now so I'm still very much so a newbie in the blogging community. I'm not sure what I expected or if I expected anything, but when I started this blog ... READ the POST

Must Try: Alcoholic Drinks For The Summer

Want to find some alcoholic drinks for you and your friends to enjoy during summer? Well I'm going to give you 5 drinks for the summer you should give a try! MOJITO'S     Ingrediants: 1 bunch ... READ the POST

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