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Tips To Hosting A Party!

We are in the half of the year where so many holiday celebrations are going on. Along with those celebrations is another celebration that's coming in 25th birthday! With Thanksgiving, ... READ the POST

Key Things You Need For Friendsgiving

This year my friends and I decided to have a Friendsgiving. If you've never heard of Friendsgiving, it's basically what the name entails...thanksgiving for friends pretty much. Life typically gets in ... READ the POST

How To Prep Early For The New Year!

We have 3 months left in the year...THREE MONTHS! That's crazy ya'll. With the year vastly coming to an end, it's slowly time to start thinking about exactly what you'd like for yourself in the new ... READ the POST

How To Pursue Your Ambition In Life!

Ambition: noun //A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. I believe everyone has an ambition of some sort. It doesn't matter what it is, there's ... READ the POST

Summer Looks For Fall + Tips!

Fall is almost here and I've stated before that I'm not necessarily one of those people that are ready to break out the sweaters. boots, and scarves just yet. In honor of people like me, I decided to ... READ the POST

The Tea On Being A Consistent Blogger

Before you go "oh, spill the tea sis!" This isn't some hot tea...just a little mild. Anywho, if you're a blogger or thinking about being a blogger, then I'm sure you already know that one of the most ... READ the POST

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