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Tips For New College Students

School is back in session! For the seasoned College goers, you guys might already know some of these tips, but the college newbies might be lost and only have tips from things they've seen on TV. If ... READ the POST

Blogger Struggles: Balancing School And Blogging

Blogging and being in school can be a major struggle sometimes. I'm in school currentlyΒ  while blogging, and it's almost like having a balance scale trying to balance both but you can't get it quite ... READ the POST

Do What You Love…Love What You Do.

How many of us are doing something right now that isn't our ideal plan? This could be a job or even being in school with a major you're not even into. The thing is, a lot of people end up doing things ... READ the POST

How To Get Through Group Meetings In College

Last week I gave you guys some tips on how to get through group projects that you can read here. Today, I'm going to give a few tips on how to get through the essential meetings you need in order to ... READ the POST

I’ve Been Living A Lie: The Truth About School

Hello everyone, my name is Deandra aka The Black Princess Diaries and I have been living a horrible lie. Ok, so maybe it's not THAT serious. Actually, what I'm about to confess is quite common but due ... READ the POST

How To Get Through Group Projects

If you've ever been in school, then you know all about one of the most dreading parts of it. Group Projects. I understand the whole concept teachers/professors try to convey with having group ... READ the POST

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