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Thoughts From A Single 26-Year-Old About Dating

Hi, my name is Deandra and I'm a single 26 year old. So, why am I talking about dating? I feel like it's nice to hear different perspectives on different topics. Everyone has their own idea or ... READ the POST

A World Entangled

Shoutout to Jada, because she has given the world new memes and a new term to use (and joke about). If the title seems familiar, it's because you're a listener of my podcast and knows that my recent ... READ the POST

Thank You, Next.

Sometimes people can make you feel like you can't breathe. Their presence is just suffocating you so bad. Sometimes they just give you a bad headache, but you still let them come back anyway. And ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 12: Getting Through The Holidays When You’re Single

Mistletoe. Carriage rides. Cuddling by the fireplace. These are all lovely things to do during the wintery holidays....if you're not single. Granted, you can do a carriage ride alone and snuggle up ... READ the POST

Key Points To A Good Relationship

If you've been in a relationship or is currently in one, then you know relationships are not perfect. No matter how much you care about and love your significant other, it still takes a lot of ... READ the POST

How To Get Over An Ex

At some point or another, every one experiences a break up. Some are the ones doing the breaking up and others...well...they're the ones being broken up with. Some of us can move on pretty simply, but ... READ the POST

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