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Poem #13: Exhausted

She lowers her head in desperation All she wants is a way out Swirling in a sea of papers, coffee, and lectures Looking for the end point but isn’t seeing it anywhere The journey to the stage is ... READ the POST

Poem #7: #SayTheirName

Nia- White supremacist wishing she and others like her didn’t exist. Trayvon- Wanted nothing but skittles and tea but instead his life he had to plea. Eric- Police didn’t take selling cigarettes for ... READ the POST

Poem #6: “More Than Friends”

It’s amazing when you look and see these people These people that aren’t your family yet feel closer than some blood People who would fight for you Die for you And although this world may seem so ... READ the POST

Poetry #5: “Coexisting Pains”

Violence Just one word but it has so much meaning And causes so much trouble. Racism Just one word but it has so much meaning And is so hurtful. Together these words cause pain And right now my ... READ the POST

Poem #4: “Untitled”

I laid my head on his shoulders with a sigh. He asked me “What’s on your mind?” I told him “Nothing and everything at the same time.” We both looked out into the golden sky as the sun ... READ the POST

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