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13 Current Songs You Need On Your Summer BBQ Playlist

As a lover of music and playlists, I believe there needs to be a playlist for every occasion. Although it is quite hot, there is still nothing like gathering together with family and friends for a ... READ the POST

The Ultimate Christmas Playlist + My Top 10 Songs: Blogmas Day 5

If there was anything that I loved as much as I do Christmas, it just might be a good playlist. I have shared plenty of playlists and song suggestions on this blog so far. A month ago, I shared ... READ the POST

20 Songs You Need On Your Cleaning Playlist + My Deep Cleaning Playlist

About a week ago, I did a deep clean in my bedroom and office space. I dread deep cleans with a passion if I have to be honest, however, who wants a dirty space!? I definitely don't and it's so easy ... READ the POST

10 Playlists That Give You Those Fall Time Vibes

Even though it's just the beginning of November, I'm currently in Christmas mode and I'm not ashamed whatsoever but I know that's not the case for everyone. Some people are still enjoying and soaking ... READ the POST

10 Summer 2020 Playlists

It's *sings* Summa Summa Tiiiimmee! Because of quarantine and corona, we may not be getting the usual summertime feels. It really sucks, but we can't let it get us down. We're not traveling or ... READ the POST

Must-Have Songs For Your Turn Up Playlist

Although yesterday was my birthday, tomorrow is the day I'm having my lingerie party. I know I said in my last post that I was going to be done with the birthday posts, but technically this doesn't ... READ the POST

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