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When Your Mind Is Your Enemy

When your mind is your enemy what do you do? Do you fight it? Do you just give in to it? I can say mental health discussions are not an enemy to this blog, and if you're familiar with my posts then ... READ the POST

Different Types of Therapies

People discuss therapy, but I don't think the many different types of therapies are discussed. It's important to choose the right type of therapy for you because the wrong type could be useless and ... READ the POST

Black Mental Health

*In Soulja Boy voice* Discussing mental health!?!? In the Black community!!?! Yup. We're getting a little taboo here kids and discussing something that shouldn't be taboo at all. Before diving into ... READ the POST

Main Types Of Mental Disorders

There are plenty of mental disorders/illnesses. So many, that it would probably take days just to go through them all...we don't have that kind of time. So, I'm just going to narrow it down to the ... READ the POST

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