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Paperclip Goodies Planner Stationery Review

Happy Motivation Monday! Where are all of my stationery lovers? Actually, let me be even more specific...where are all of my PLANNER stationery lovers at? If you're in love with cute planner ... READ the POST

Guest Post: 15 Money Affirmations To Say Everyday

Hey honeys! I understand how nerve-wrecking it can be thinking about money, or lack there of. These money mantras help me stay calm whenever I get frustrated about it and make me feel more positive ... READ the POST

Lockdown Silver Linings Tag

I'm always honored when someone tags me for something or nominates me for a blogger award. It means they were thinking of me, which is always so nice. I've never heard of the lockdown silver linings ... READ the POST

6 Apps That’ll Help Your Social Media

When your social media isn't on point, then it might leave you a bit unmotivated. You're not getting the engagement you'd like, your pictures aren't as bright or aren't aesthetically pleasing to your ... READ the POST

Guest Post: Fashion During Quarantine

During this time in self-isolation, it's the best opportunity to explore your closet! This time has helped me realise how creative I can be with the clothes I have.  I think this new ... READ the POST

My Favorite Self Help Books

**This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made through the links are of no extra costs to you but will help me significantly. Happy motivational Monday! Another motivational Monday means ... READ the POST

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