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Dear Almost 26-Year-Old: 5DOD

Dear almost 26-year-old, Wow, look at how far you have come. You're getting closer to 30 and the thought of getting older can sometimes be a little scary for you, but it shouldn't. Another year ... READ the POST

A Letter To My Old Bullies

Dear Bullies, Some of you may actually see this, who knows. Maybe you've gotten rid of those thoughts in the past. They're just little things in school that happened when you were young that didn't ... READ the POST

A Letter To My Future Self.

Dear future self, I am so proud of you! I say this because I know you're going to be reading this while being in a much better place in life. Through so many years, you've struggled with many ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 10: A Note To You During The Holidays

Today, I'm going to get a little deeper with my blogmas post. Today, I'm writing a note to all the ones who have lost their loved ones due to police brutality. It's easy to get wrapped up in the ... READ the POST

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