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Let’s Take A Look: My First Month As An E-Commerce Shop Owner

It has officially been one month (and a few weeks) since I opened Shop TBPD! As someone who considers my blog a business, I've owned a business for a while, but owning a shop is completely different. ... READ the POST

Ladies, Here’s Your Reminder That You’re In Charge!

Did you know that today was Sadie Hawkins day? I feel as if there is a day for everything! If you don't know what Sadie Hawkins is, it's usually brought up when discussing a dance...Sadie Hawkins ... READ the POST

15 Quotes For That Girl Boss Mentality

Hey my loves...happy Monday! Let's talk about the girl boss mentality for a second. I know there are some different opinions about the term. Some people don't like it and feel like it shouldn't be ... READ the POST

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