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Diary Entry #58: Let’s Just Start The Year Over

Dear diary, As with every year, I set a list of goals to accomplish by the end of this new year. These are goals that aren't too crazy, but still take work and focus in order to check off of the ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #56: It’s My Birthday!

Dear diary, Today's my birthday! I've made it to another year and I'm truly so thankful for that. I can't believe that I'm twenty-eight, especially because I don't feel like it mentally! ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 12: Diary Entry #55- Something Feels A Little Bit Off

Dear diary, I absolutely love the holidays and continue to remain in the holiday spirit every single year. This year is no different from the others as I've been fully immersing myself into ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #54: In The Holiday Spirit!

Dear diary, I'm a huge Christmas lover and the closer we get to Christmas, the more excited I get! I'm one of those people that not only watch Christmas movies in November, but I also love to watch ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #53: Maybe Next Year?

Dear diary, I recently posted a podcast episode saying that I am trying to figure everything out regarding where I stand as a content creator and shop owner. As much as I wish it were just a topic ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #52: A Brain That’s Constantly Running

Dear diary, One thing about my brain is that it's constantly running and thinking of something that I could change or do better. On one hand, it's probably a little bit excessive to constantly ... READ the POST

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