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Diary Entry #62: Should I Keep Podcasting?

Dear diary, I have had something on my mind regarding my podcast, and I think it's time to evaluate this thought. First, I'd like to say that I absolutely love my podcast and I'm proud of myself ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #61: Am I Fading Into The Background?

Deary diary, Lately, I've been trying to figure out how to get back into my normal groove of things when it comes to content creation and consistency, but it's been pretty hard. Though summer just ... READ the POST

May 2023 Monthly Update: This One’s A Rough One

June is here, which not only means that it's a new month, but it also means that we're already halfway through the year! Along with being halfway through the year, it means that summer is swiftly ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #60: The Numbers Aren’t Adding Up And I’m Frustrated

Dear diary, It's been about two years since I started using newsletters to grow my blog/brand and connect with my lovely supporters. I have almost reached 100 subscribers and I'm so excited about ... READ the POST

March 2021 Monthly Update: Numbers Don’t Lie

The spring weather has been coming out and it just feels so good! There will always be something about longer, sunnier days that is just an instant mood booster. Let me know in the comments if you ... READ the POST

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