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7 Reasons Why I Love Being A Black Woman

Though it's tomorrow, because I don't post on Saturday's, I want to go ahead and say...HAPPY JUNETEENTH! If you're not aware of what Juneteenth is, I have a blog post titled Juneteenth with the ... READ the POST

5 Of My Top Inspirational Black Women Of The Present

Women's History Month is coming to a close, but it should never be forgotten that women are slaying the game 365 days in the year. Who run the world!? Girls! At the beginning of the month, I ... READ the POST

6 Black Inventors You Need To Know: Part1

Happy Black History Month! Although black people should be celebrated at any time of the year, this month is specially made for us! Remember, I'm not The Princess Diaries...I'm The BLACK Princess ... READ the POST

The Grieving Of The Black Woman

I'm not going to pretend like I knew who Nipsey Hussle was before he passed. I had never heard of him, never knew he had music, and didn't even really know that he was with Lauren London minus maybe a ... READ the POST

Black Woman Against Black Woman…Why Do We Do It?

Ok, so tell me...what's the difference between these two women below? Besides them, of course, both being their own person. I just see two successful women, yet the media likes to pin women again ... READ the POST

Let’s Talk About It: Protect Our Black Girls!

**TRIGGER WARNING: I will be mentioning pedophilia so please be warned if you're triggered by this topic*** Hooneeyy! Get your hot tea, coffee, apple cider...all of that because this topic is a very ... READ the POST

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