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The Hate U Give: Not Just A Movie, But A Reality.

So I was pondering on when or If I was going to talk about this. I debated on making a post last month when it happened, but I figured that since I was doing this Black History Month series, it was ... READ the POST

I Am Taking A Short Break

Yes, you read that right. I'm taking a little break, and by little, I truly mean little. I'm just taking a week "off". Although I won't be posting on my blog, I will be working behind the scenes ... READ the POST

Finding The Balance Between Justice And Normality

I can't believe I'm saying this in 2020 but...JUSTICE IS NORMAL AND SHOULD BE NORMALIZED. What I mean when I say that is, getting justice should be very well normalized. Let's take a moment and ... READ the POST

3 Ways I Keep Myself From Breaking Down Mentally

Before I begin, please take a quick moment of silence for black lives continually being lost to police brutality before you continue. Thank you. I just felt it was needed, because it's a never ... READ the POST

What It Means When We Say “Black Lives Matter”

You hear and see Black Lives Matter everywhere. It's on social media, on the news, and from the mouths of the black lives themselves that are shouting for our lives to simply...matter. I think ... READ the POST

Poetry #5: “Coexisting Pains”

Violence Just one word but it has so much meaning And causes so much trouble. Racism Just one word but it has so much meaning And is so hurtful. Together these words cause pain And right now my ... READ the POST

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