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My Thoughts On Turning 25

I've been talking about my birthday and it is exactly one week away! I have so many thoughts on turning 25, and if you read my post on having a midlife crisis, then you know a little of how I ... READ the POST

Am I Having A Midlife Crisis!?

Are early midlife crises a thing? If they are, then I just might be having one! I know I'm not in my 40's or 50's, but being almost 25, it literally feels like I'm going through a mini crisis at the ... READ the POST

Birthday Ideas For 25!

My 25th birthday is coming up in 3 weeks omg! Is it time for me to have my midlife crisis yet!? I definitely feel it's time. Anywho, for all of us who are turning 25 like me, we can't stop it even if ... READ the POST

24 Things I Learned In 24 Years

It's my birthday!! I'm officially 24 years old (kinda scary). In honor of me being 24, I'm going to attempt to list 24 things I've learned in 24 years. I'm still learning a whole lot, so I'm not sure ... READ the POST

What To Do For Your 24th Birthday

My birthday is getting closer and closer! I'll be turning 24 and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do for your 24th..or if you should even do anything at all. Usually, your 25th birthday ... READ the POST

Birthday Outfits For Plus Sized Women

It's my birthday month! Not only is it my birthday month, but my birthday is in 5 days! I can't believe that in 5 days I'll be 24...omg! I'm having a birthday celebration and have no idea what to ... READ the POST

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