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My Experience With EFT And How I Feel About It

AD: This is a paid collaboration, but all thoughts are honest and of my own All of my seasoned readers know that I am all for anything that promotes positive mental health. I am all about it and ... READ the POST

Dealing With Anxiety: My Personal Experience

Mental health awareness month is a month that is, not only important, but especially important to me. I went to school for psychology, I have friends and family who deal with their own mental ... READ the POST

Review: Regaining Peace By Da’sia Pollard

We have made it to the middle of the week and I can just taste the food already! I'm going to stuff my face and nobody will be able to stop me! Speaking of stuffing my face, if you read Monday's blog ... READ the POST

5 Ways To Help Deal With Fear

Ad| During this current time we're in, I think it is pretty safe to say that fear is alive and thriving within a lot of people around the world. There are people scared for their parents and ... READ the POST

Conquering Your Anxiety

This past week, I made an accomplishment that I thought I'd never actually accomplish (well I knew I would, just not when). Sometime ago, I made a post mentioning my anxiety with driving. Well, this ... READ the POST

Guest Post: Volunteering Abroad With Anxiety By Astrid Halliday

There are many different reasons why travellers choose to volunteer abroad and help in another country. Personally, my reason was because I wanted to boost my confidence and step outside my comfort ... READ the POST

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