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Summer Looks For Fall + Tips!

Fall is almost here and I’ve stated before that I’m not necessarily one of those people that are ready to break out the sweaters. boots, and scarves just yet. In honor of people like me, I decided to show you guys some summer looks you can still incorporate into fall while adding some tips! Let me know in the comments which one was your favorite!

maxi                                                                                       1. Wear a maxi dress

Maxi dresses are great for both summer and fall. You can still get that beach type of look and also still be dressed for the fall. It’s also great that they come in various styles. For example, if it’s still hotter, then you can get something with a shorter sleeve like the dress above. If it’s a little bit cooler, then you can get something long-sleeved. The color of the dress above is also perfect for fall!

<> on September 5, 2016 in New York City.   2. Boots!

Adding boots to your look is always a good choice. For instance, if you’re wearing shorts or something shorter, then you can wear thigh high boots like the woman in the picture. This is a perfect example of still dressing in summer clothing but also adding a touch of fall.

tights 3. Add some tights!

If you’re not a boots person, then try adding tights! This is especially great when you’re wearing a skirt. I love the outfit in the picture shown above. To me, this is such a cute look that you can wear going out with your friends or even possibly to work.

staple 4. Did someone say staple jacket!?

If it’s getting a little bit colder and you don’t want to wear an ugly jacket that doesn’t fit your look, then try a cute staple jacket! I have a leather jacket that I love to wear all the time (I mean ALL the time). It’s my favorite (and only) leather jacket. I think everyone needs a staple. The jacket in this dress is so cute and I’d definitely buy it!

what rules 5. Rules schmules! 

My last tip/outfit is just about ignoring the “rules”. Dress however you like! My birthday is in January and guess who still wears skirts and dresses for her birthday….this girl! Do I freeze my ass off sometimes for a minute…yup! Do I care what people think? Nope! Because I feel and look good and that’s all that matters to me. So wear what you want in the fall. If you want to replicate this look, then go ahead! It’s so cute, I’d replicate it myself. Ignore what people think or feel and pay more attention to what you think and feel.

Are you like me? Which tip do you think you’ll be incorporating?


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