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Social Media Obsessed

I feel it to be sort of…ironic…for a blogger to make a post about being social media obsessed since social media is really our platform. Regardless, it’s still a topic to be discussed. There’s this thing with social media that a lot of people are obsessed with. We wake up and go straight to it (I know I do), we check it throughout our day, and we look through it before bed like a web full of bedtime stories. Thing is, these bedtime stories don’t necessarily always end up giving us sweet dreams. More like dreams of wishing we were as perfect as the person who’s page we just scrolled through for all eternity.

Consistently being on social media can be pretty toxic (trust me, I know). Instead of actually living, you start living through people on Snapchat and Instagram. People always look like they’re constantly having a good time with their videos and good camera quality photos. I’m not going to lie, since I’ve become a blogger I’ve become pretty jealous of people with such nice quality pictures of themselves and cute themes because that’s what I want for my Instagram. It’s not looking the way I want and might not for a while until I can get a good camera so I just admire wishing my Instagram was like theirs.

Another bad part of social media that has people obsessed is with the way people look. People try so hard to look good on social media, using every editing app they own. So when it reaches your eyes, you see this bomb figure, bomb face, hair slayed to the gawds, and you look at yourself thinking you look like a potato. It’s not healthy for the brain and a lot of us know this. So why don’t we leave? Because we’re obsessed.


Social media isn’t just this evil place, but when you become obsessed with the expectations that it can bring and you become almost hooked, then it’s a problem. Social media can be like a drug and you need your daily dose multiple times a day. I have multiple accounts on different apps because I like to keep things separate and it’s a struggle. Some people are afraid to take a break because of FOMO, but what are you missing out on? While you’re afraid to miss out on other people’s lives, you’re really missing out on your own. I sometimes try not to go on social media as much. Maybe only once or twice a day. I think everyone should give themselves some kind of challenge. Who knows…maybe you’ll surprise yourself at how life changes when you’re living a little more in your own life and not through others.


  1. I agree. Too much social media can be toxic. It’s good to take a break every now and then in order to keep things in perspective.

    xx, Shar |

  2. This is really true. I,feel addicted a lot! But i switch to youtube and watch some videos to take a mental break.

  3. I was meaning to read this post from the day you posted it, but you know… LIFE happens and you end up forgetting. Nevertheless, I love this post lovebug! Just accuracy!!!!!

    I trying to limit my social media use right now because I find myself scrolling on other’s page and comparing and judging against my own platform. I be feeling overwhelmed when I finish scrolling on Instagram especially.

    I am aware of my addiction and I keeping it to a minimum!

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