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So, I Just Turned 27: Here’s 27 Things I’ve Learned Before 27

I am officially back from my blogging break, and while I was gone, I turned twenty-seven yesterday! The older I get, the less I want to keep getting older (I dislike the thought of aging), but with aging also comes learning new things or learning more about the things you already knew.

I love doing these kinds of posts because it really shows how much you can learn that you may not have realized. In this post, I decided to not just make a list of 27 things I’ve learned before turning 27, but I decided to pinpoint different statements throughout and explain them a little further. These things include new lessons I’ve learned, things I already knew but learned more about or realized more, and statements that continued to remain very true and relatable!

1. It’s okay to start over.

2. I like my peace more than I realized.

3. I’m still young in age and at heart.

4. Manifesting and affirming are actually hard for me.

5. Relationships with people you thought would last forever sometimes don’t and that’s okay.

“Manifesting and affirming is actually hard for me.”

Since deciding that I was going all in with becoming a full time blogger/content creator, I’ve been trying to practice manifestation and affirmation. I’ve written posts about them and all, but something I realized is that it’s hard for someone like me to do so and not go back to my usual thinking. As someone who is a realist but also struggles with negative thoughts, it’s hard to imagine or speak words that just don’t seem real or realistic. I know the point is to speak these things into the atmosphere in order to put out good energy and help motivate you to work towards what you’re manifesting and affirming, but I struggle with practicing this and not using negative words.

6. I have a lot of mental health work to do.

7. Take that leap of faith.

8. Be careful what you pray for.

9. The pandemic has both broken me and strengthened me at the same time.

10. VERY CAREFULLY pick and choose your battles.

“The pandemic has both broken me and strengthened me at the same time.”

The pandemic has been something that, crazily enough, I’ve needed and at the same time I would love to never have witnessed (as I’m sure the same is felt with others). With this year being the second year going through it, I’m slowly realizing more and starting to learn to my best ability how to cope or deal with the change it has brought. During this year, I’ve realized that I’m going absolutely mad, but I’ve also learned how to be strong in different situations.

11. Sometimes you’re the villain of your own story.

12. Entrepreneurship is hard as hell.

13. I’m jealous of others’ successes.

14. Breaks are okay.

15. It’s important to let things go that you can’t control.

“I’m jealous of others’ successes.”

Sometimes when we see the word jealous, it’s automatically assumed that the jealous person is speaking hateful things or wishing on someone’s downfall because of their jealousy. That’s not the case for me, in fact, it’s the total opposite. I love seeing people win, especially those doing the same things that I’m working so hard to accomplish. It’s motivational, but it also makes me jealous. I think it’s hard to admit when you’re jealous, but within this year, I’ve learned that it’s okay to admit it. I just want to see myself get to the life that I’ve been wanting for years. As much as I love to comment “congratulations” under a post of someone sharing a win, I also can’t help but say to myself “man I wish that was me”.

16. The social clock is still a bitch.

17. I still have a lot of work to do within myself.

18. It’s okay to mourn lost relationships.

19. Sometimes 3 cups of coffee is a must.

20. I’m developing a love for cute blazers.

“I still have a lot of work to do within myself.”

I’ve always known this, but sitting in a room staring at a laptop for another year with barely any form of fun or physical interactions with other humans kind of messes with whatever people skills you may have had. I learned that I lost how to be a human almost in a way. There’s work that was already needed to be done, but more has been added to the list. However, the best thing I did was to admit that. Now, it’s time to put in the work.

21. I don’t want to conform to fit within an algorithm.

22. I kind of make a decent plant mother.

23. My anxiety has gotten much worse since the start of 2020.

24. I feel that my twenties are passing away.

25. Make those investments…big or small.

26. Sleep is essential.

27. Record/photograph every moment and memory you make.

“Record/photograph every moment and memory you make.”

Looking back, I feel that I didn’t get many memories during my time as a 26-year-old and the memories I did create were never captured. I wish I could change that because making memories and capturing them to look at later is so important. It’s even more important now seeing that not many memories are able to be made, or at least not the same. I’m working on making more memories this year, but whatever memories and moments I do manage to create, I promise to capture it (or at least try my hardest to remember).

I have so much more to learn and improve on, not just as a 27-year-old, but a woman in her twenties. I’m excited to see all of the things that I learn and the growth that comes from it all by the time that I’m thirty!

What is something that you learned when you were twenty-six or just your twenties in general?


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great and wonderful time with your loved ones. I also try my best to capture every meaningful memory that I create this year. I will turn 27 this year as well >_< This is such a great motivational post! Love it so much πŸ˜€

    • Thank you so much and I did have a good time! I’m glad you found this post motivational and here’s to a great and fulfilled year 27 for both of us! β™₯

  2. Welcome back and Happy Belated Birthday wishes. I hope you had a wonderful time being spoilt or even treating yourself. Gosh twenties seem so long ago ha. I think I was still trying to figure out who I was and find any form of expression. Actually I don’t think I had genuine significant personal growth until I hit my thirties. Aging is tough but you’re right, you do gain so much amazing clarity. I think in my twenties I just cast aside the majority voices, telling me to be like so and so and not be myself because that wasn’t acceptable. Blogging just unearths it and helps me to cope better πŸ™‚ As for the jealousy thing, that’s in all us, as long as it doesn’t stop you trying, it’s normal to feel like that πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much! I had a great time and enjoyed my birthday weekend β™₯. It’s definitely hard not to listen to where people say you should be in your twenties but It’s good that you had cast those aside! I’ve always tried to not let the social clock get a chokehold on me, sometimes it’s hard, but I pull through when I start to worry. Blogging is definitely an amazing coping method. I’ve learned that since I’ve started blogging. And I also agree with the jealousy statement and I’m always going to keep trying! β™₯

  3. something that works for me when i manifest is scripting and that has a lot to do with feelings so you gotta feel what you’re writing. if that doesnt work then you should try telling people the thing you’re trying to manifest even if it hasn’t come true yet. in other words lying.. but as long as you can convince yourself you deserve it and you can get it then it can happen!

    i love the idea of taking pics.. im 26 now and i also dont take many pics so im gonna work on that.. thanks for the tip!

    • I try to talk like things are already mines or like they’re going to happen but I just need to work on it more. And yes! Even if I’m not going out (which seems to be the usual since the pandemic), I’m still going to try and get cute every once in a while and take pics just because. Just to have something to look back on from the year, but I also want to try and make more memories with friends this year as well! Glad you found the post helpful β™₯

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