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Racial Slurs In Music

Music is something used to where we can express ourselves. For me, I can use music for almost any mood I’m in. There’s one big thing about music though that I’ve seen being discussed…racial slurs. Not even racial slurs in general but more so if it’s ok for certain people to say them when they’re singing or rapping along to the songs.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about….the N-word and people who aren’t black. I’ve been on the internet for a while and I’ve seen different videos of people who aren’t black who don’t say it when it comes up and some who do. I’ve also seen many different reactions to those videos…from praises to knowing how to keep going without saying it to bashing the ones who can’t seem to not sing or rap along without not saying it. I’ve also seen comments from people defending the ones getting bashed because they don’t refrain from saying it because “it’s part of the song so what’s the problem?”

My opinion? I don’t agree with it. I saw a [white] male on Twitter who said that him pausing or whatever else he could do to not say the word would mess up his flow. My thoughts? It’s absolute bull. If your flow gets messed up that easy from just one word then you don’t have much flow at all to begin with and you should just be bobbing your head instead of trying to rap along.

Some people who aren’t black don’t really understand why the N-word is used in songs, but I just think it’s our culture. It’s taking something that was used against us and we’re making it for us. We used what was oppression and turned it into expression. An expression that is only made for BLACK PEOPLE. I believe every culture has their own slang or words that are ok for them in that culture or race to say but outsiders shouldn’t say.

Just like the statement I made Monday, admire our music, jam along all you like, rap and sing, BUT if you are for black people and enjoy our music and culture then respect it as well and just not say the words when they come up in songs. It’s not hard. Depending on who I’m with, even I refrain from saying them. If I can refrain from it..someone who is black herself…then so can you. It’s not hard and it’s definitely not as offensive to want you to resect my race/culture as it is you are disrespecting it by using that word. Let’s jam out, but let’s do it respectively!

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