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Podcasts That Are Good For Your Mental Health: Blogmas Day 16

Winter is almost here (or has been here depending on your location), which means months of cold weather and days that are turning into darkness earlier and earlier. A lot of people end up going through seasonal depression during this time because of that fact. Because of this, it’s good to find different tactics that will help aid in good mental health and keep your spirits lifted as much as possible. This could mean looking into items that are made for self-help or just finding something that simply makes you laugh.

For those who prefer taking the audio route, podcasts are great to listen to when you’re doing things around the house, driving, or when you just need something to listen to. This also makes them perfect to help you get your daily dose of positivity, inspiration, and laughs in. These podcasts listed below are good for your mental health in different ways. Look through the list below and possibly find your forever favorite to get through those tough times.

Wake Me Up: Morning Meditation and Motivation by Tyler Brown

This podcast was suggested to me last year and, though I don’t listen to it as I should, it’s a great podcast to help you start your morning on a good note. If you’re looking to practice meditation or simply work on starting your mornings with a better mindset, the Wake Me Up podcast is filled with morning meditations, motivations, and routines that will help you do just that.

Good News by Mosa Marumo

With all of the terrible things we constantly hear going on in the world, each one of us could use some good news! Hearing of everything going on, especially within the last two years alone, could help in hindering anyone’s mental health. This is why you should cleanse your mental palate by listening to the Good News podcast. Mosa does exactly what you’d expect from the name as she shares good news in each episode.

Woman Evolve by Sarah Jakes Roberts

Sometimes you just need a little spiritual healing and that’s where Sarah Jakes Roberts of the Women Evolve podcast comes in. Not only does she share her take on the different topics, but her personality alone will make you laugh and say “Amen!” while listening all throughout her episodes.

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

The Lavendaire Lifestyle is my aesthetic dream. Aileen does a great job with giving life tips that will help you romanticize your life and the podcast is no different. Sometimes when your mental health isn’t where you’d like to be, it also hinders your ability or want to work on creating your dream life. This podcast will have you feeling inspired to do so in no time!

Speak Up Sis by Angel Charmaine

Speak Up Sis allows people to share their stories and gets into interesting topics you might have lingering in your mind. What makes this podcast good to listen to are the episodes that make you feel like you’re not alone. Sometimes all you need is to know that you’re not the only one.

Black Girls Heal

This one is perfect for any woman who is looking to restore and heal those feelings that say “you’re not good enough” and to break unhealthy relationship cycles. Not everyone can afford to see a therapist and this podcast will give you the feel of a real session (though it shouldn’t be replaced with going to see a therapist).

Affirmation Babe by Ashley Diana

Affirmation Babe is a podcast providing short episodes that are filled with affirmations to add to your daily life. I’ve been learning that affirmations are important because the words you say to yourself are important. There are some people who have been in environments or are currently in an environment filled with people tearing them down and bashing them. Sometimes people in those situations can’t afford to leave them and the next best thing is to fill themselves with daily, positive affirmations.

Therapy For Black Girls by Joy Harden Bradford

The title says it all as to why this podcast is added to the list. Again as with the Black Girls Heal podcast, it should not be used to replace getting a therapist. However, with Dr. Joy being a licensed psychologist, her podcast episodes are perfect to listen to when you feel you just need quick guidance or even a pick-me-up.

Slay Girl Slay by Ashley Leggs

As Ashley would say…hey girl, hey! I love this podcast because the episode topics are so relatable, but the host is also a good time! These episodes will provide a good laugh when you need it and you’ll receive great advice. Listening to the Slay Girl Slay podcast will quickly begin to no longer feel like a podcast, but a conversation with one of your homegirls. This is perfect for someone who’s missing the joy of having a good friend around.

The Black Princess Diaries by Deandra James

You didn’t expect me to leave out my own podcast did you? But seriously, I wanted to add my own podcast to the list because I’ve had it confirmed from listeners that it’s been helpful, which is always my goal. The Black Princess Diaries podcast provides an array of topics (usually whatever my mind can think of) that are often quite relatable and what others are thinking and/or going through. Along with others mentioned previously, it gives you the feeling that you’re not alone during moments where you feel that you are. There’s always a bit of motivation left at the end for the listeners to take with them throughout their day.

Sometimes we feel as if we tried everything when it comes to our mental health or getting in a positive mindset. If you haven’t tried podcasts or these podcasts in general, the next time you’re able, give them a listen and find out if they work for you!

What’s your favorite podcast to listen to when you’re feeling down or need advice?

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