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Plus Size Spring Lookbook 2020

Hello all my plus size fashionistas! It’s Springtime and that means that you can put up your coats, but if your winter was something like mines, then all you needed was a light jacket mostly anyways. It’s time for some Springtime inspiration! I love when the hotter months come out because I’m a fan of skirts, dresses, short sleeves, all of that. So, I decided to provide you guys (and myself) with a little inspiration for the Spring and summer as well since these looks can be used all around for the hotter months. For now, we’ll have to style them indoors (or do a mini photoshoot in your yard), but when the world is back opened, we can rock our looks for everyone to see! And of course, being plus sized I had to make this a plus size lookbook, but anyone can rock these looks.

Simple OTS Look

This first one is for my girls that like a good simple look. I’m a fan of off the shoulder shirts and I’m becoming more comfortable with cropped tops as well, so this look is perfect! It is long sleeved for those colder spring days and very easy to pair with. In the photo, I gave two options of either denim jeans or a denim skirt. As for shoes, you can do sneakers for a more casual look or heels if you want to be more dressy!

Mini Dress Love

I told you guys at the beginning of this post that I love a dress, and this is no exception. It’s very simple, but so cute and I love the color of it! I think it would look really cute with this white faux leather backpack. I would pair it with sandals, but you can pair it with sneakers or wedge sandals as well!

Flare Me Please

The next look is to rock some flair pants and make them the focus of the look. I believe these type of pants will never go out of style! This style has probably been in for decades and it continues to live on. To make the pants the main look, I decided to pair them with two different top ideas. The first is just a regular T-shirt. You can leave it the way it is, but I would probably make it a little cropped and tie it in the front. The next is a white embroidered crop top. It has to be something kind of plain and the shoes I’d wear would be a simple pair of sandals.

Floral Frenzy

You can’t have spring without flowers! Who doesn’t love a good floral look!? Here I have three different ways you can rock floral. The first is a dress. It’s so cute and off the shoulder (my fave)! Next, you can wear shorts with a cute floral print. I love these shorts! I’m not comfortable wearing shorts just yet, but all my other plus size ladies who are should definitely grab a pair. They can easily be made a staple piece and rocked with a plain colored top. Lastly is a floral top. The design of the top pictured makes me wish I was on vacation. You can easily pair this top with some jeans or denim shorts!

Set Me Up

Set me up with a good set! Here are two different ways to rock a cute set. One is a cute striped crop and short set. This definitely a choice I’d go for! You can pair the set with some cute sandals or even some wedges. The next set is a leaf maxi skirt with a cropped top. This set is really cute as well and can be worn with some heels, wedges, or sandals!

I hope this look book brought a little bit of inspiration! If you’ve developed a bit of a shopping addiction and made it worse then I apologize, but at least you’ll have some new cute looks in your closet right?

Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


    • lol I feel that. I don’t really do floral often, but if I do then I like a good medium sized print. It can’t be too big because that looks ugly to me, especially depending on the type of clothing. If it’s a bunch of small prints then its just too much.

    • Thank you! I’m in love with them myself. It was honestly hard not to start buying stuff as I was getting images lol

    • I think during the spring, you should at least have one good flower print item! I’m glad you enjoyed the outfits. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  1. This look book definitely brought me some inspiration for some cute spring looks. I’m a huge fan of flare pants, they’re definitely something that will never go out of style. And I’ll definitely be adding some floral prints to my cart for both spring and summer.

    • I really need to bring mines out. I’ve had them for the longest now. Glad I could help bring some fashion inspo!

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