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Plus Size Clothing For Summer

Last week I gave you guys a few cute plus size swimsuit options you can rock on vacay or even at home in your backyard. This week, I’m giving you guys some plus sized outfit options to make it through this heat while also staying cute! Let me know which style is your favorite!



T-shirt dress w/flannel. A very cute, comfy, and easy to throw on outfit for the summer. You don’t have to do much at all. You can tie a flannel around your waist to add a little extra while also giving a little more shape.

overall dress

Overall dress. Again, something else that you can just throw on. Grab you a shirt of your choice, throw on a cute overall dress, and head out the door!


Shorts. Shorts are a staple in this super hot weather. You can pair shorts with anything…like this outfit for example. It’s very cute and casual. Rock those shorts and show off those legs!

jeans and bodysuit

Jeans w/a bodysuit. This one is honestly becoming one of my fave combos. A bodysuit and jeans is like a new classic for me. Little effort+comfort+cute=perfect casual summer outfit.

crop top and jeans

Crop top w/jeans. Another fave choice of mine during the summer. Who says plus sized girls can’t wear crop tops!? Whoever did is insane! I love to wear mines with my kimonos for a cute touch as well as for days when I’m not feeling the most secure. Rock those crop tops and show off that belly!



Jumpsuit/shirt with wide-legged pants. Listen, I love this look so much that it took all I had not to just choose variations of it. Something about the wide-legged jumpsuit/pants look just screams badass and I love it! You can never go wrong with this look and a pair of heels.


Flowy skirt w/tucked in shirt. This one is more on the business casual side of things. It’s very stylish with that business flare. The only thing I’d change is the shoes into flats. Who said you had to stay in a hot suit?


Maxi skirt. Definitely something you want to keep in your closet for business attire. I’m loving the look in this picture. She’s killing the yellow! Melanin and yellow go together and if anyone says otherwise then you’re wrong honey!


Pencil skirt. With the maxi skirt also comes another staple…the pencil skirt. I know some plus size women are apprehensive about wearing them as they can show off your figure, but rock it girl! Show everyone how much of a boss you are in your bomb pencil skirt!


pants suit. Did someone say boss!? This is the true staple for any badass woman boss. This is also one of my fave business looks. As much as I love skirts and dresses, there’s just something about a woman rocking a pants suit that does it. But be careful in the heat this summer with this one.



Mesh top w/jeans. We’ve done casual and business…it’s time to party in the club now! With it being summer, it can be hot at night mixed with how hot it is in the club. This top will ensure you’re feeling the breeze. You’re making a simple statement…but honey you’re making a statement! Grab you a cute bra or bralette, get you some jeans or whatever bottoms of choice, and get ready to turn up!


Bodysuit w/shorts. Listen, if you learn anything from today’s post, it’s that you NEED to have a bodysuit in your closet. They are so versatile…including to wear to the club. This can be more casual club wear with a casual bodysuit, or you can wear something a little more sexy like the woman is in the picture and have the club staring!


Skirt w/bodysuit. The bodysuit strikes again! This is my fave combo to wear to the club. The only difference is, I’m usually wearing skater skirts. I love everything about the outfit she’s wearing but I will say those boots might get a little hot, but hey, if you can rock it then do it girl!


Mini dress. Last but not least, a mini dress is a must have for me. I’m short so I always love a good mini dress in general and I love to show off my legs. This dress is so cute and perfect if you’re someone who likes to wear long sleeves to compensate for the shortness of the dress.

I hope I was able to give you ladies some ideas to slay the rest of the summer. If you ever had a thought that you can’t wear any of these outfits because of your size, then get that thought out of your head right now! You’re all bomb and beautiful so go out and slay!


  1. Oh wow absolutely stunning I wish I saw this dress before making my order, I still got a few nice pieces I got, I put a post up.

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