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October Monthly Update 2020: Supporters Are Everything!

It’s Christmas! I mean..November!

Honestly, Christmas should just start in November, then we’ll have a day for Thanksgiving, and then back to Christmas! Anyone else with me!?

The start of November means one month closer to Christmas but also, a new month for new goals. Let’s have a refresher on what my goals were for October and what I accomplished.

330 podcast plays. I’m so happy to say that I made this goal! Thank you all so much for listening to my podcast and for supporting me. To see that I made and even went over my goal a bit means the world to me! I hope you all continue to enjoy listening. I’m working on season 4 as we speak!

Update my bios on social media. I’m so glad that I accomplished this goal. I feel as if my bios needed a lot of sprucing up. I know it seems like something so small and insignificant, but your bio is how people get to know you and what you do, so it’s super important.

I want to add before I go into my goals for November that, although I didn’t receive the 15 supporters, I did gain a couple of new subscribers and I’m so thankful for them. I’m also thankful for all of my subscribers/supporters in general and I appreciate you so much!

Now on to my goals for November!


♥ create a new promo for my consultation service

♥500 visitors on my blog

♥plan out shoots for the next few months

♥create winter wallpapers


♥ attempt to plan my meals

♥workout 1-2x a week

What’s a goal that you have for November? Share them in the comments!


    • Thank you! It’s always an amazing feeling when goals are met. I hope you’re able to meet yours for this month ♥

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