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October Life Update 2018

The year feels like it just went by and the months are zooming past. Can you all believe next month is December!? I know I can’t! I’m excited for Christmas trees, Christmas music, and just Christmas in general but for now, we have to get into November, which means new November goals. But first, let’s review October.


So this will be pretty short as far as updating because sadly, I didn’t do so good in October. Does anyone ever feel like they never accomplish many of their goals or forget to check back at what your goals even were for the month? That would be me. I want to keep working on it though and one day when I update you all, I’ll have done more than half the goals I planned or maybe even all of them.

Since there are more goals that I haven’t finished than I have (hides face in shame), I’ll just go over the goals I was able to either accomplish or at least start working on in October.

There are three goals I accomplished. The first is drinking more water. So I don’t drink as much as I should, but I’ve drunk more water than I have soda or any sugary drinks. I’d say that’s an accomplishment. I still have to work on drinking more but it’s a start. The second is working on my social media’s. I recently made a facebook and Instagram and I’ve been trying to update them as well as comment more on twitter. I’ve been doing pretty good with updating Instagram, but being a college student it’s a little hard to stay on social media and connect as often as I’d like. I’m working on it and I hope to make a better connection with you all soon! The final goal I 100% accomplished was…are you ready? GETTING A JOB! I finally got my first job and it’s all thanks to God and my friend. I just started working and I’m very much still new, so I”m still very flustered but I’m so proud of myself for pushing past my anxiety and getting my first job.

Now let’s get into the goals I have for this month!

Goals For November

○work on getting a book review up for you guys

○get healthier

○continue to work on doing daily devotions more often

○listen to a podcast once a week

○work on saving money

○get a fresh list of blog post ideas

○get back into my poetry

Now you know my goals for November, but I want to know…What’s a goal of yours? Let me know in the comments!

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