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October 2023 Monthly Update: Almost At The End

It’s Christmas!

Okay, maybe not, but if you’re a lover of the holiday as I am then Christmas starts in November and doesn’t end until after December 25th. With that said, November is also the start of a lot of good eating, holiday rushes, blogmas prep, and slight panicking to get things together before the new year.

Before we can get into all of the goodness (and hecticness) that November starts to bring, let’s officially close out October by looking at my goals and what was accomplished!

Consistently drink half a gallon of water per day. I’m working on my water intake, and though I still have work to do, I’m proud to say that I’ve been doing well on drinking at least half a gallon daily. Though I didn’t accomplish this every single day, I did so most days! I hope to keep working on this to go from half a gallon to a full gallon!

Unfortunately, this is the only thing I managed to accomplish in October, but that’s okay! Some months will be more productive than others. Whether you accomplish one goal or six, you still did something!

With that said, let’s create some goals for November!

  • Write up posts for blogmas
  • Start on 2024 goals list
  • Work on waking up by 6:30am

What are your goals for November? Are you excited for the new year that’s ahead?

Let’s chat in the comments!

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