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Notes For Those Without Mothers

Mothers day is coming up and although some of us are getting gift ideas together for our moms, there are some who aren’t or can’t. I’m talking about the one’s who have to go without their mom for mothers day. There are many reasons why one might not have their mother by their side. Some could be either their mom has passed or their mother was never in their lives. Whichever the case…this note is for you.

To the ones without their mom by their side,

It may be hard seeing others with their mom. Posts of them together, statuses of love, the warmth all around that you should feel but instead it’s a sadness. A feeling as if something is missing. Maybe mothers day is a day you’ve chosen to leave behind and forget. Something you decided to make yourself numb to because maybe it’s been so long that you’re used to it now. Or maybe things are still fresh. It’s just your first or second mothers day without the only mother you’ve had or known. No matter the case, know that there are people who love you and care about you. No, they can never take the place of your mom, but they can be there for you. Some people are lucky enough to have mother figures to help them throughout their life. If you’re not one of those people, then realize that friends can also be that shoulder too. As alone you may sometimes feel during this time of the year, know that you’re not and there’s always someone you can talk too.

I hope my words brought some comfort for those who struggle during this time of year. If you need to talk, I’m always available.

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