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My Top Tip Pinterest Pins!

Try saying that title 5x fast!

Pinterest is a site that it seems so many bloggers and non-bloggers swear by. Whether you’re a blogger that’s making the pins or you’re a non-blogger that’s doing the pinning, you could say it can get a bit addictive. I won’t lie to you guys, before this year, I barely went on Pinterest. I just had a personal account that I did make separate boards for decor ideas, but those are practically empty because again…I barely went on. Well, with Pinterest being another huge site for bloggers, I decided to create a Pinterest for my blog. Do I go on often all of a sudden? No. However, I do create my own pins to promote my blog posts. Along with creating my own pins, I’m starting to like certain types of pins that others create. Those pins are….Tips! I have a whole board titled tips where tips from “How to be a successful blogger” to “How to wake up at 6am” are stored. I just love those types of posts, so I decided to share a few of my favorite pins below!

The Secret to Managing Everything_ Work-Life Balance 101 - The WERK LIFE  The Secret To Balancing It All

35 Time Management Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity _ Fruitful Home Co_ 35 Time Management Tips

Girl Boss Morning Routine _ How To Start Your Day Like A Real Boss _ Blogging Babe Girl Boss Morning Routine

51af8bb0-3343-46fc-8b78-9a45267b6dad Evening Self Care Routine

I have more, but these are just a few of my top pins that I love and I’m sure the list will continue to grow. If you’d like to go back to look at these and other pins like these, you can follow my tips board.

What are your favorite types of boards or pins on Pinterest?


  1. The majority of the pins I saved were recipes (like 99% of them are)! I tried a few of them that were complete fails, but others were wins! I make sure to remove the pins that don’t work and only keep the ones that worked. I also try not to keep too many pins at once, knowing that I’ll never actually get around to trying everything. Next time (not sure when exactly) I’m on Pinterest I will follow you.

    Another thing I do is write down the website down on good old fashioned paper so that I can easily access the website from a browser without having to click on 10 links on Pinterest to get to the original recipe. On Pinterest I get distracted really easily. YouTube is another platform where I get easily distracted. 🤭

    • Youtube is definitely a site where I can get distracted! But that sounds like a good idea. Writing down the website for easier access is actually a good idea as well. I know it can get frustrating trying to search through all those pins. Thanks for commenting! ♥

      • Even writing it down on your phone’s notepad is incredibly useful. There’s a small handful of websites I use for recipes over and over again. Even my mom, who is one the most technology challenged people, now uses online recipes instead of recipe books.

        I don’t mind manually clicking through a website to find what I need. I actually enjoy navigating through a website this way. Pins are great for specific things that are worth sharing to a mass audience, and definitely cuts down on spam which I like. 😊💕

  2. I remember jumping on the Pinterest train when it first started, I was instantly hooked and have been a dedicated user ever sense. I have only recently started using it to connect with my blog, and it is a different approach for sure. I have found it to be a great resource – I have to make sure that I am following you on Pinterest!

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