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My Top 10 Songs By Black Artists #BlogBlHistory

Challenge #3 is here! Today’s challenge is to list your top 10 songs that are by black artists. This might be a little difficult for me since I have thousands of songs that I love, but why not give it a try?? As always, don’t forget to check out the original creator Kathryn!

1. Blackbird- Nina Simone

2. Feeling Good-Nina Simone

3. Killing Me Softly- Fugees

4. Blind Man- Xavier Omar

5. No one- Alicia Keys

6. Chun-Li -Nicki Minaj

7. Bodak Yellow- Cardi B

8. Best Part- Daniel Caesar ft. H.E.R.

9. As I Am- H.E.R.

10. Location- Khalid

This was so hard and I barely could scratch the surface of my faves, but I hope you all enjoyed this list!

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  1. I’m always looking for new artists to listen to – I usually just listen to whoever comes up in my Spotify suggested playlists but will definitely be checking these out! Great post. x
    El | Welsh Wanderer

  2. Great post! I seriously love Daniel Caesar’s voice. There’s a song by nina simone that is so good but also makes me feel so sad. I think it’s called Strange Fruit. I will check out her other songs!

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