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My Pamper Routine 2018

Everyone needs a little pampering. Even the fellas need it once in a while, so don’t stray away just because you see this title. Today will be a quick little post on what I like to do to pamper myself and relax If you’d like to find out how then keep reading!


Something as simple as showering can make for a nice pamper session. I love to take a nice hot shower with some music playing. Nothing says therapy than singing to your favorite tunes in a steamy shower.


Not everyone likes to shave, and that’s ok. Our pampering routines will look different. This is just what I like to do sometimes. I love the feel of smooth skin. Shaving is a tedious task, but how I feel afterwards make it a task that’s worth dealing with. I always feel so good when I rub my hands against my soft skin.

3..Put on a cozy robe

Next on my pampering day, I love to put on my special fuzzy owl robe. This may seem dumb to some, but having a special robe you use for pampering days, whether it’s a fuzzy animal robe or a sexy silk robe, may make you feel good. Especially after your nice shower.

4.Face mask

After my nice hot shower and putting on my favorite robe, I love to try to do a face mask. The mask that I always use is the Aztec Healing Clay Mask. I put that on and let it sit for about 15min. Then I rinse it off and go after it with my African Black Soap and my spinning face brush. Afterwards my face feels so nice and refreshed.


After all of that, it’s nice to just moisturize your body. I go between my African Shea Butter and coco butter lotion. Makes my skin feel so nice and smooth.


These are some things that I either do every other week, every two weeks, or just when I feel like it. Sometimes I may paint my nails. Having nice finger nails and toe nails can make anyone feel good. I’m a bit lazy I can admit so I don’t always feel like doing this step, but when I do I always have a feeling of completion.

The other step is washing my hair. My wash days are usually either every other week or every two weeks. On wash days, I make sure to wash my hair first before doing all these other steps. Sometimes I just wash it while I shower. It feels good to have fresh hair. Especially when it’s been under my wigs or has build up from other products from styling.

Being in school still, it can be hard to make time for myself because of all the work I have to do. I know others can relate with school or work. Maybe you’re a woman with a career and family who put others before yourself. Maybe you’re a man who works hard to provide for the family. Whatever the case may be it’s important to take time for yourself. You deserve it!


  1. I find it funny that you can go through the motions of hygiene and view it as a chore, or you can put real love into it and use it as a tool to feel pampered! I guess sometimes your mindset makes all the difference.
    Lovely post, it reminded me to take time out of the busy days and care for myself.

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