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My Lazy Makeup Routine For Hot Days

The weather is getting HOT and as we creep into the 80’s and 90’s more here in Georgia, the want to put energy into doing a full face dwindles more and more. I still want to look and feel extra cute though when I get out of the house, especially since it’s rare these days.

I have the perfect routine that’s my go-to when I’m not feeling a full face either because it’s too hot or I’m just feeling lazy and creates a cute “no makeup” makeup look!

Prep: Moisturizer and sunscreen

I figured this was important to add what I do to prep my face. I’m no expert and I’m still working on proper skincare, but I have started wearing sunscreen daily. I learned (thanks to skincare Twitter) that you should wear sunscreen even when not going out. In this post, I’m talking about creating a look for the day, so it’s definitely important with the hot sun coming down on you.

I also make sure to moisturize my face daily as well. It’s very important to do so because you don’t want a dry face and it helps make your face look a lot smoother (in my opinion).

In case you’re curious, I like to use the Black Girl Sunscreen and Cerave moisturizer!

Fill in brows

After I prep my face, I fill in my brows a little bit. Normally I would clean them up and shape them more with some concealer, but because this is a quick “no makeup” makeup look, I just fill them in with a brow pencil, brush the hairs into shape with a spoolie brush, and move to the next thing. For my brow pencil, I just use one of those long ones in a brown shade that cost $1.

Concealer and powder

Though I don’t use concealer for my brows, I do use it under my eyes and on my eyelids. I, like many adults, don’t get much sleep and it shows. I also naturally have slight bags under my eyes (lucky me), so I like to conceal those so I look awake and ready for the day. I like to put concealer on my lids just for some slight color without using eyeshadow.

After blending in my concealer, I put some powder over the areas so it’s set. Since I’m not baking, I don’t let the powder sit for long. It’s just on there for a few seconds and then I brush it off.

Eyeliner and mascara

We’re almost done!

Now it’s time to wing it out with some eyeliner! This really helps and does something to your look. Out of everything, this probably takes the most time and that’s still not long. I like to make sure to get the best wing possible. I’m not the best, but I do pretty good wings (when they want to act right).

Then I do my mascara and prepare for the final and main event…the lashes!


Lastly, I put on my eyelashes to finish the look off. Eyelashes really pull the look together and give you the effect of feeling like a baddie!

If you haven’t noticed, this look is mostly focused on the eyes. I don’t do anything else to my face (that also takes more time). This look is perfect for the mask era that we’re in because no one is going to see the rest of your face anyways! This routine is quick to do and you’ll be out of your house in less than 15minutes!

Do you have a lazy makeup routine?

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