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My Journey To 100 Days

Often you see people doing different type of challenges for a certain amount of time. Well, I decided to join the crowd and take part. Something you guys don’t know about me is how much I’ve always struggled with my weight. I have many things that keep me back from succeeding, but they all stem from one place…my brain.

Recently I discovered this guy named Dre on twitter. He’s worked out for about 80+ days now in a journey to lose weight. I discovered him when he was maybe at about 50 or 60 days or so. I’m not sure if he’s going to go past 100 days but, the point is how motivated and how hard he works. He’s determined to keep pushing and he’s gained so many followers and supporters on Twitter in the process, me being included (if you want some true motivation then please check out his Twitter).

Watching him has motivated me to challenge myself. I’m going to try to workout for 100 days. It won’t be 100 days straight because I will have one rest day, which will be Saturday. I’ve never done anything like this before and it will be a challenge. I’ve already started and by the time this post will be up I’ll be on day 4. Every 10 days or so I’ll make an update on my progress, journey, the pains I’ve gone through, etc.

I hope you guys will enjoy going along this journey with me and maybe my efforts will even encourage you all to do your own 100 day challenge!

Have you ever done a 100 day fitness challenge? If so, did you get through it?



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