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My Ideal Entrepreneur Night Routine

We are back with another routine! Last week, I shared with you guys my ideal entrepreneur morning routine. This time, I figured I would share with you what my ideal night routine would look like. My night routine is currently all over the place. In fact, I don’t really have much of a routine, which can also help explain why my mornings consist of me feeling like a zombie and involves a lot of lounging around.

Like with my morning routine, I will add times to give an idea of how long I would like for it to be and to show the ideal time I would like to go to bed (hint: it’s not the current time of 2-3 AM).

Work finalizations


As much as I plan on not doing any work past 2 or 3 PM, realistically I know that it won’t always be the case. As an entrepreneur and someone working for yourself, you don’t clock in and out as you do with a 9-5. However, it’s still important to set times and boundaries for yourself and anyone that may want to work with you. For days that involve late work, I plan on doing any finalizations around five and shutting things down for good around six to begin my night routine.

Cook and eat dinner


Now that things are shut down, it’s time to cook and enjoy some dinner. I currently cook dinner for myself a lot of the time already, but I also have my nights where I don’t feel like it. With that being said, depending on how I’m feeling or how long it takes for me to cook, the time can fluctuate here and there. To some, eating around this time could be too late and for others, it could be too early. Regardless of what time you eat your dinner, I think a nice hot meal and a full stomach will help set the tone for a good night’s sleep ahead.

Watch tv shows and relax


I am someone who loves my television shows! I know these days not a lot of people like to watch tv, but I am not one of them. Of course, the time varies, but I do like to spend some time watching tv and Youtube. During this time, I will be relaxing and just enjoying myself after a busy day. It’s important to take that time and rest as an entrepreneur because if you work from sunrise to sunset, then that will cause burnout and it’s not good for your mental health.

Do skincare and put on pajamas


Once I’m done catching up on my television shows, it’s time to start my skincare and preparing for bed. I currently don’t have a nighttime skincare routine (I know that’s bad), so I would love one for my ideal entrepreneur night routine. I’m very simple, which is why it should only take about 30minutes to do my skincare and put on my pajamas. My routine will probably consist of only two or three steps and then I’ll be done!

Nightly journal writing and book reading


Typically, I hear a lot of people say they journal in the morning. I do so much in the morning already that I think night journaling works best for me. I also like the idea of being able to write about my day and getting out any frustrations or just talking about any good things that happened as well. I also decided to add in reading because I would love to incorporate reading books back into my life. I’ve seen time and time again that eliminating screentime before bed helps with your sleep and I think it’s important to practice that habit.

Go to bed


Finally, it’s time to shut it down and get some sleep. I know that this time may seem late to others, but it’s pretty realistic for me. Also, keep in mind that these times are just an estimate. Something else that I would do before shutting my eyes is to play some form of music. I can’t sleep in silence at all because it’s just a little too creepy for me. My mind will suddenly start to hear everything under the sun so what I would do is play either those live sleep music videos on Youtube or play ASMR videos. After a little while, I’m off to dreamland!

I have to admit, creating this routine was a little bit harder because I really had no idea what kind of night routine I wanted. I at least knew what I wanted my mornings to look like, but never thought about what my nights would look like as an entrepreneur. Of course, there are many different things that could make this routine change such as going out to eat with friends, attending an event, etc…but this is how my nights would go ideally and I’m loving what I came up with!

Do you have an ideal entrepreneur night routine? What’s a must for your nightly routine?


  1. Love how you shared this night time routine. I agree doing activities that you enjoy before bedtime like eating a nice dinner and watching something you enjoy help with self care. Making sure to maintain a good healthy routine including skincare and taking some quiet moments in prayer and journaling things you’re grateful for are wonderful tips. Thank you for sharing this post. 😊

    Pastor Natalie

    • Yes, they’re so important especially if you’ve spent an entire day working. It’s so calming. I’m glad you liked my post and I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment ♥

    • You and me both lol! We’ll get it together though…just have to put in the work to create a good routine 👏🏾💪🏾

    • It does! It’s what I’m going to be working towards so I hope I can achieve this 🙏🏾. Thank you so much for reading and commenting ♥

  2. This has inspired me to do the same! I like yours, it’s not too overwhelming which is where I think I get off track. I try to fit too much into my nights and then end up not doing any of it or doing far too much that my mind is still working overtime by bedtime!

    • I completely understand that! Like I said in the post, that’s why I added journaling in my night routine instead of morning because there’s so much in there to do already. It’s definitely important to not have too much to do before bedtime because, like you said, your mind will be working overtime and feel jumbled which will make it seem like it’s work time and not sleep time. I’m glad you felt inspired! You can totally borrow this routine and of course, switch it up to your preference and what fits you 😊

    • Twitter gets me every single time lol! I’m definitely going to be working on forming this night routine because I’m struggling terribly. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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